Custom-Mixed Honda Touch-Up Paint

With our advanced color-matching technology, you can get the exact shade of Honda paint to match your car, truck, or SUV. It's easy to restore your vehicle's factory finish with our touch-up paints and accessories!

Find Honda Paint Colors by Year

We can provide a perfect color match for your vehicle, no matter what year or model you drive. Each AutomotiveTouchup color is precision-formulated for a perfect match to your Honda every time you order. From Florence Blue Metallic for a 1988 Accord to Rally Red for a 2003 CR-V, we have exactly the products you need for a great finish. We can even custom-mix Honda motorcycle spray paint. And not only do we have the Honda touch-up paint you need, but we also have every repair product that the job demands.

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Where is the Paint Code on a Honda?

How to Locate Your Honda's Paint Code
Location of Your Honda's Paint Code

Perfectly Matched Honda Paint in the Perfect Size

honda touch up paint

Our exact-match auto spray paints are available in a number of convenient sizes to suit any job, whether you need a paint pen filled with Taffeta White for your 2005 Civic Hybrid or a 2 oz. brush-in bottle of Cool Turquoise Metallic for your 2013 Honda Fit. We even offer a 1/2 oz. brush-in bottle paints for those paint repair jobs that fall somewhere in between. For jobs that call for a bit more paint than our 12 oz. aerosol spray paint canisters can provide, try one of our ready-to-spray cans with a spray gun. Whether you're repainting a quarter panel on your 2002 Ebony Black Pilot or your 2007 Nighthawk Black Pearl Odyssey needs new paint on the sliding side door, we have your auto paint. Our line of top-quality paints is available in pints, quarts, and gallons, so you can always get precisely the right amount of paint you need for the job.

High-Quality Auto Body Repair Products

Because high-quality products are key to restoring your Honda's original factory finish, AutomotiveTouchup not only manufactures perfectly matched auto touch-up paint for your car, truck, or SUV but also offers auto repair products, including primers (available in gray, red, black, and white), adhesion promoter, sandpapers, and a clearcoat that sets the industry standard. They all work together to deliver superior results as part of the AutomotiveTouchup auto paint system. We can even provide do-it-yourselfers with a quality spray gun as well as an extensive offering of pro-grade body and bumper repair products.

Honda Spray Paint Engineered for Flawless Application

Every AutomotiveTouchup aerosol paint product we sell features a pro-grade tip that delivers a superior fan pattern for excellent, even coverage. We don't have to equip each canister with this upgraded spray tip, and our competitors certainly don't do so, but we know how important it is to achieving a flawless factory finish on your Honda. From our aerosol primers to our perfectly matched Honda paints and the finest aftermarket clearcoat available, each aerosol can AutomotiveTouchup sells comes equipped with our pro-grade aerosol tip.

Tackle Your Honda Paint Repair With Confidence

learn honda paint chip repair and touch up from the pros

Nothing inspires confidence like having the right products for the job. AutomotiveTouchup provides everything do-it-yourselfers need to restore their Honda's original factory finish without the expense of a visit to the local body shop. By providing perfectly matched Honda car, truck, and SUV paints in convenient sizes, AutomotiveTouchup is an industry leader that is setting the pace in do-it-yourself auto paint repair. We even take the time to explain most common auto touch-up paint repairs step-by-step in our online video library.

Honda Touch-Up Paint FAQs

How Do You Use Honda Touch-Up Paint?
The instructions for a Honda car paint repair will vary depending on the nature of the job; using a Honda paint chip repair kit to fix a minor blemish or a few scratches is different from spray-painting a spoiler or fixing a rust hole in a fender. But generally, to use touch-up paint, you'll need to clean the area, apply primer, then add color with your Honda car paint pen, bottle, can, or sprayer. When the paint is dry, add clearcoat.

How Do You Use a Honda Touch-Up Paint Pen?
To do a Honda scratch repair with a paint pencil or pen, first, clean the scratch thoroughly with prep solvent. Then, if any bare metal is showing, use a primer stick to cover the metal. Once that's dry, use your Honda touch-up paint pen to apply the color, letting it dry between coats, until the scratch is covered. Finish with clearcoat.

What Paint Does Honda Use?
Honda uses waterborne paint technology in select manufacturing plants worldwide. Our Honda touch-up paint products are custom-mixed to ensure that they perfectly match the genuine OEM paint used at the factory.

Does Honda Have a Paint Warranty?
Yes; in fact, in some cases involving paint defects, these warranties have been extended as long as seven years. But this does not mean that all Honda paint chips are automatically covered. Depending on the circumstances of the damage, you may be responsible for the cost of your Honda paint scratch repair. And once the warranty runs out, you're on your own.

Does Honda Sell Touch-Up Paint?
You may be able to order Honda touch-up paint from your local dealer. However, it tends to be pricey, and it usually only comes in small bottles or pens; if you need Honda touch-up paint in a spray can, you'll be out of luck at the dealer.

Where Can I Buy a Honda Touch-Up Paint Pen?
Whether you need a Honda paint pen to fix small scratches or a larger Honda touch-up spray can, you can find all the products you need for your Honda paint repair job for sale at AutomotiveTouchup. We custom-mix all Honda paint colors to ensure an exact match, and we allow you to buy the right amount for the job at a reasonable cost. We can also help you restore your other vehicles: In addition to Honda paints, we sell products for every popular vehicle brand, including Acura, Ford, and Volkswagen.

How Do You Match Honda Paint?
We are able to make a perfect Honda paint match using your vehicle's color code and our advanced color-matching technology. Simply find your Honda color code, order the quantity you need, and we'll custom-mix your Honda touch up paint to blend seamlessly with your factory paint job.