Touch-Up Paints Perfectly Matched to All Mini Cooper Colors

AutomotiveTouchup auto paints are custom-mixed to match Mini Cooper paint colors, ensuring a flawless repair to your Mini regardless of its color, model, or year.

Find Mini Paint Codes by Year

AutomotiveTouchup has everything you need to help restore the original factory finish of your Mini, providing a precision color match for all Mini Cooper color options. Whether you happen to own a Pure Red 2012 Cooper Countryman or a Mellow Yellow 2010 Cooper S Convertible in need of a major repair, or you just need a small bottle of British Racing Green Metallic for a quick touch-up on your 2005 Cooper S, we've got exact-match paint for all models in exactly the size your job demands.

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Where is the Paint Code on a Mini?

How to Locate Your Mini's Paint Code
Location of Your Mini's Paint Code

Ideal Products for Mini Paint Jobs of All Sizes

Our perfectly matched Mini paint comes in a number of convenient sizes, whether you find yourself in need of a Mini Cooper paint pen filled with Laser Blue Metallic to fix a few minor scratches on your 2011 John Cooper Works or a 1/2 oz. brush-in bottle of Chili Red for your 2008 Mini Cooper S Clubman. For slightly larger repairs, you might try a 2 oz. brush-in bottle. But that's only the beginning of the size options we can provide to the do-it-yourselfer. Even larger sizes include our 12 oz. Mini spray paint, which comes equipped with our pro-grade spray tip. AutomotiveTouchup also sells larger ready-to-spray sizes for bigger repair jobs. Available in pint, quart, and gallon sizes, these perfectly matched paints are exactly what you need when you need to re-spray the hood on your 2003 Liquid Yellow Cooper S or your 2002 Cooper needs a fresh coat of Aspen White or Cosmos Black Metallic on the driver's side door.

High-Quality Mini Repairs Made Easy

mini touch up paint

It's simple to restore your Mini's original factory finish with AutomotiveTouchup's line of high-quality body repair products. Providing perfectly matched auto touch-up paint for your Mini is only part of the story: We also sell an extensive line of auto repair products, including adhesion promoter, primers (gray, red, black, and white), accessories like dust masks and sandpapers, and a clear coat that sets the industry standard. These items help AutomotiveTouchup deliver results that have garnered rave reviews from Mini owners. We can even ship you a high-quality spray gun as well as body and bumper repair products to keep your Mini looking showroom-new. From body filler to prep solvent and beyond, we carry everything you'll need for your DIY paint job!

Get a Pro-Quality Aerosol Finish

You can trust AutomotiveTouchup to deliver an original manufacturer's match and a high-quality finish. From our aerosol primers to what has been described as perhaps the finest aftermarket clear coat available, each can of Mini spray paint that AutomotiveTouchup sells is equipped with our special pro-grade aerosol tip. It's this tip that makes the real difference compared to the rattle cans our competitors sell. Each tip ensures that our aerosol products deliver a superior fan pattern for excellent, even coverage on your car. We know how important our tip is to helping do-it-yourselfers achieve an original manufacturer's match, and that's why we go to the extra expense on each can. That's just one more reason why do-it-yourselfers trust us with their Mini Cooper paint repair projects.

Learn How to Use Mini Cooper Touch-Up Paint From the Pros

learn mini paint chip repair from the pros

If you're new to using touch-up paint, there's no need to worry: We have plenty of resources to help you with your DIY Mini Cooper paint chip repair or full restoration project. Our paint repair experts have put together instructions to help beginners get started using our products, and we also have an online video library that shows you how to complete the most common repairs like the pros.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Most Popular Mini Cooper Color?
Some of the most popular Mini Cooper colors are red, gray/silver, and black, though British Racing Green remains a classic. No matter what color you own, Automotive Touchup has a Mini Cooper paint touch-up kit that matches your shade.

What Colors Does the Mini Cooper Come In?
Mini Coopers come in a wide range of popular colors, including Midnight Black, White Silver, Chili Red, Starlight Blue, and British Racing Green, as well as a few unexpected hues, like Solaris Orange or Zesty Yellow.

Where Is the Mini Cooper Paint Code?
The Mini Cooper paint code location is usually under the hood, either on the firewall or the strut tower on the passenger side. The Mini paint code label will show the name of the color, and the color code will be given as a three-digit number or combination of numbers and letters at the bottom left.

How Much Does it Cost to Paint a Mini Cooper?
The price to repaint a Mini Cooper and get it detailed can easily add up to thousands of dollars when you visit an auto body shop. But we make it possible to DIY your Mini paint chip repairs as well as larger paint projects, which can save you both time and money while still giving you a professional result.