Premium Automotive Touch-Up Paint in All Hummer Colors

Thanks to our high-quality paint, Hummer owners can perform paint chip and scratch repairs at home as well as larger paint jobs. Our high-quality paints are custom-mixed to exactly match all Hummer paint colors. DIY Hummer paint jobs are simple and affordable with AutomotiveTouchup products!

Select a Model Year to Find Hummer Paint Colors

Need help finding your Hummer's paint code? Most often, you'll find that your Hummer paint code location is either on the driver's-side door jamb or in the glove box. But if you can't find the Hummer paint codes sticker on your vehicle, just choose your model year and let us help you find the right Hummer color.

No matter the model or year, we have professionally formulated auto touch-up paint to perfectly match your Hummer. Whether your repair calls for touching up a few nicks and scratches on the hood of your 2010 H3T with a Victory Red AutomotiveTouchup paint pen or your 2005 H2 needs the doors on the driver's side repainted to match the original Olympic White factory finish, we can ship you just the perfect shade of precision-matched paint in exactly the right size the job demands. For any year or any Hummer body repair, AutomotiveTouchup can ship the right paint and body repair products you need to have your Hummer looking good as new.

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Where is the Paint Code on a Hummer?

How to Locate Your Hummer's Paint Code
Location of Your Hummer's Paint Code

Affordable Hummer Touch-Up Paint

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AutomotiveTouchup has the Hummer touch-up paint and body repair products you need to restore your original factory finish, for less, no matter the size of your auto paint project. Our precision-matched paint pens, 1/2 oz. brush-in bottles, and 2 oz. brush-in bottles are ideal for those looking to repair minor scratches, scuffs, or chips on their H2. Those in need of slightly larger repairs might need to order one or two of our 12 oz. aerosol canisters. Still other Hummer owners might need to repaint a door, roof, or hood, and for them, we sell precision-matched Hummer auto paints in ready-to-spray paint pints, quarts, and gallons. And don't forget that AutomotiveTouchup can also provide all the body repair products necessary to complete a professional-looking paint repair job for less.

Everything You Need for DIY Repairs

Everything you need to make the body paint repair of your Hummer as painless and inexpensive as possible is all right here. Has some paint chipped off of the door or quarter panel of your H3 and you want it fixed fast? We can ship you a paint pen of the very same RedFire Metallic paint to match your Hummer's original factory finish. We can also send you one of the very finest clearcoat paint pens on the market today. It's just what you need to ensure a high-quality result for smaller Hummer repairs. What about larger repairs? If your 2006 Mystic Green Metallic H1 requires extensive bodywork to the door and side panel, we can give you everything you need to make it easier than ever to complete larger repairs like this for a lot less than the local body shop would charge, from body filler to sandpaper to primer. In fact, our complete line of ready-to-spray automotive touch-up paints (available in pints, quarts, and gallons) and body repair products can help you to restore the factory finish of your Hummer more quickly and easily than you might have ever thought possible.

Pro-Grade Hummer Paint Jobs Made Easy

Each can of our perfectly matched Hummer aerosol paints, aerosol primers, and industry-leading aerosol clear-coats features a pro-grade aerosol tip. This tip delivers an optimal fan pattern for excellent results every time. And while this top-quality feature costs more, we choose to invest in our products because we know that it makes a real difference in the quality of the repair that AutomotiveTouchup customers notice. Beyond the pro-grade tip, AutomotiveTouchup also offers most of the top-quality body repair products necessary to restore your Hummer's factory finish. These include primers (red, black, white, and gray), masking tapes, sandpapers (in every necessary grit), as well as trim and bumper repair kits. AutomotiveTouchup can also ship direct to your door high-quality body filler, glazing/spot putty, dust masks, and even a spray gun.

Find Tips for Using Touch-Up Paint on a Hummer

learn hummer paint chip repair and touch up from the pros

Not everyone is an expert on auto body repair, but that's OK: You don't need to be a professional to do a professional-quality job fixing up your Hummer's paint job. We can help walk you through some of the most common auto paint repairs, so you'll feel prepared to take on any project. Just check out our directions for using touch-up paint or consult our online video library for easy-to-follow instructions. At AutomotiveTouchup, we're here to help make sure that you have everything you need to repair Hummer paint jobs, including knowledge