Looking for car paint "near me"?

While you were polishing your car, did you notice a big scratch that wasn't there before? Not to worry, you can just run down to the auto parts store, buy some touchup paint that matches, and fix it yourself, right? Well, maybe that goes smooth. However, the parts store is unlikely to have the exact match color for your car. Then there’s the pain of driving all around town, hoping the next place will have the paint that matches. It isn’t fun driving around town to not find your color, but we’ll be right here waiting for you when you’re ready to order. What could be more near you than ordering paint online?

Ordering your touchup paint from AutomotiveTouchup.com is almost always going to be the best way for you to go. Unlike the parts store, we have your paint, no matter the year, make or model car you drive. That’s because we can accurately reproduce more than 300,000 factory correct colors. In fact, we even perfectly produce factory colors that were discontinued many years, even decades, ago. Our paint is so good that used car lots, part stores, and detailers across the nation routinely order from us, while new car dealership parts departments and part stores recommend us as well. The pros know our paint is professional quality, has the greatest number of colors available, and the color ordered will be spot on for their customer’s cars. AutomotiveTouchup even matches new model year OEM colors before the dealerships even get them. We mix your OEM color to order, fill it into your choice of aerosol cans, paint pens or brush-in-bottles, then ship it out to you. Imagine, factory fresh paint mixed for you within days of your order, instead of the paint that’s been sitting on the parts store shelf since who knows when.

Doing the repair yourself saves you the expense and wasted time of renting a car and waiting for the body shop to get around to fixing your paint. Our DIY friendly site also has everything you need to get professional looking results. We stock the sandpapers, tools, personal protection equipment, and accessories you’ll need to do the job yourself and get it done right. It’s not that hard to do and there’s no better feeling than taking pride in a great looking job that you did yourself in only a few hours. In just a few days, you’ll have the exact OEM color and tools you need to match your car’s paint perfectly. You’ll save time and money because you won’t have to drive around hopelessly searching for your paint, or making do with a color that is close but sticks out so badly it actually looks worse than the scratch you’re trying to fix. We also have tons of advice and how-to videos to help you get your best looking results. It’s all just a click away.

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