Exact-Match Nissan Touch-Up Paint

It's easy to restore the original finish of your Nissan car, truck, or SUV with our full line of automotive touch-up paints and auto repair products. We custom-mix all the Nissan auto paint colors to ensure a perfect match!

Find Nissan Auto Paint Colors by Model Year

Click on the year of your vehicle to get started finding the paint you need. We precisely match all Nissan touch-up paint colors, so whether you need a brush-in bottle of Pearl White to fix a chip in your 2018 Pathfinder or a can of auto spray paint in Vivid Teal for your 1997 Sentra, you'll be able to find the exact shade of Nissan touch-up paint you need in the right quantity for the job.

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Where to Locate Your Nissan's Paint Code

How to Locate Your Nissan Paint Code
Location of Your Nissan Paint Code

The Easiest Way to Restore Your Nissan

For the simplest, least expensive way to restore the finish on your Nissan car, truck, or SUV, look no further than AutomotiveTouchup. Our auto touch-up paint pens, brush-in bottles, and aerosol canisters can deliver a hassle-free factory finish in all the Nissan touch-up paint colors for a lot less than you think. If you have a scuffed-up Deep Blue Metallic 2009 Altima or if your Red Pearl 2013 Pathfinder has a chip, we can provide everything you'll need to complete a professional-looking repair. From sandpaper and colored primers to perfectly matched Nissan touch-up paints and clearcoat, we have it all. We can even ship ready-to-spray paint by the pint, quart, or gallon and provide the air gun to spray it. There's no need for pricey trips to the body shop ever again.

Touch-Up Paint and Products for Any Job

No matter the model of Nissan car, truck, or SUV that you happen to own, AutomotiveTouchup has precision-matched touch-up paint in the ideal size for your auto body repair. Whether your Liquid Platinum Metallic Murano needs its entire quarter panel resprayed or you need a paint pen filled with Galaxy Black Metallic to clean up some minor scuffs on the door of your brand-new Armada, we can provide you with the automotive paint and body repair products to do the job right. There's simply no easier or less expensive way to have your Nissan back to looking its best than doing those small fixes with a brush-in bottle, aerosol canister, or paint pen of AutomotiveTouchup paint and clearcoat. Of course, for larger jobs, you'll need the exact Nissan color to match your vehicle in our ready-to-spray pints, quarts, and gallons. Rest assured that we can also provide the body repair products you need to restore your factory finish, from colored primers, sandpaper, masking tapes, and bumper repair kits to body fillers, glazing/spot putty, and even dust masks and a quality spray gun.

Our Pro-Grade Tip Is a Major Upgrade

nissan touch up paints

Each perfectly matched Nissan aerosol paint product, clearcoat, and primer features our industry-leading pro-grade tip. Unlike cheaper aerosol canisters used by other touch-up paint suppliers, each AutomotiveTouchup aerosol product we sell delivers an optimal fan pattern and consistent application with every press. If you're looking to restore your Nissan's factory finish and the job is too large for our paint pens and brush-in bottles but too small for our ready-to-spray pints, quarts, and gallons, our pro-grade aerosol canisters can provide the perfect solution. You won't believe the high-quality job our aerosol canisters with pro-grade tips can deliver.

How Do You Use Nissan Touch-Up Paint?

learn nissan paint chip repair and touch up from the pros

Each Nissan paint chip repair job will be different depending on what product you're using and what sort of damage you're fixing, but our video library is here to help. Our videos can walk you through the process of using a Nissan touch-up pen to fix a scratch, applying Nissan spray paint to a spoiler, or doing a larger repair with Bondo and custom-mixed Nissan paint. We'll teach you the basics you need to know and have you fixing cars' paint damage like a professional in no time!

Frequently Asked Questions About Nissan Touch-Up Paint

Is Paint Covered Under the Nissan Warranty?
Yes, Nissan's new-car warranty offers three-year coverage on paint, so if it's chipping, scratched, or otherwise damaged due to any factory defect, and you need a paint touch-up, Nissan will cover it. However, this does not mean all paint damage is automatically covered. If, for instance, you have an accident in your Sentra and need a Nissan bumper paint job, what happened to cause the crash will dictate whether the touch-up painting and parts are covered by your warranty.

Where Can I Buy Nissan Touch-Up Paint?
You can buy Nissan paint right here at AutomotiveTouchup. We sell high-quality, custom-mixed touch-up paint in all the Nissan OEM paint colors at an affordable cost. Whether you need a spray can for a large job or just a Nissan touch-up paint pen for a small scratch, you can find it for sale here. When you order with us, you can rest assured that you're getting the perfect color-matched Nissan scratch repair paint for your car every time.

How Do I Find My Nissan Paint Code?
Nissan auto body paint codes will typically be either under the hood or on the driver's door. Once you find the sticker containing your vehicle's three-digit paint code, you'll be able to order the precise shade of Nissan lacquer touch-up paint you need.

Does Nissan Sell Touch-Up Paint?
You may be able to find official Nissan paint for your Xterra, Maxima, Juke, or Cube at local Nissan dealers, but the price is often steep, and you typically won't be able to get more than a small paint pen or bottle.

How Do You Use the Touch-Up Paint Pen on a Nissan?
The Nissan paint pen instructions are quite simple: To use a Nissan scratch repair pen, start by cleaning the area to remove any wax, grease, or dirt. Then, shake your Nissan automotive paint primer to make sure it's blended, remove the cap, and apply the primer over the scratch. Let it dry, then repeat this process with your paint marker, applying multiple coats as needed. Once the job is finished and thoroughly dry, apply clearcoat.