Automotive Paint Prep Surface Wipe

Paint Prep Surface Wipe
Price: $1.99


  • Paint prep wipes are solvent-infused wipe preps surface for flawless touch-up repair.
  • Auto paint prep wipes remove surface oil, grease, and wax.
  • Automotive paint prep wipes improve adhesion.
  • Use these with AutomotiveTouchup primers, paints, and a clear coat.

Product Description

Paint Prep Surface Wipe by Automotivetouchup. Instantly clean and prepare your car or truck for a paint job with our paint prep wipes to eliminate any oil, dust, dirt, grease, and more to ensure a cleaner surface. If you're painting your car and have already sanded the surface before the touch-up, the next best step would be to prep the surface using these automotive paint prep wipes to wipe the area clean of anything that could make your paint job appear uneven. It doesn't matter what surface of your car you're working on. Bare metal, aluminum, automotive plastics, fiberglass, and OEM finishes can all be tidied up with some help from these wipes. These auto paint prep wipes have been infused with solvent to give you a great result on your touch-up repair, so residue is lifted off the car instead of spread around to different areas. Not only do these improve adhesion, but they also remove surface oil, grease, and wax, leaving your car's surface better than before you started the touch-up process.

DANGER: Carefully follow directions and read all cautions on the back panel before each use. Solvent vapor may irritate eyes, skin, and respiratory tract.