Coupon Codes

A Word About AutomotiveTouchup Coupon Codes:

AutomotiveTouchup does not issue nor honor coupon codes from outside sites. Why not? Because there's no such thing as a free ride, and coupons have their hidden costs that get passed directly to consumers in several ways.

Firstly, unlike our competitors, our products are already made available to you at the lowest possible price every day. From the spray tip to the can and everything inside, our products are only made from the best possible materials and are an exceptional value for both professionals and DIY-ers. Offering coupon codes and discounts would force us to use cheap materials, and we just plain refuse to do that because it makes for an inferior product.

Lastly, offering a discount coupon for some users actually raises the price for everyone else without coupons. Regardless of the amount of the discount offered, that percentage off forces everyone who doesn't have a coupon to subsidize the expense caused by the coupon. In other words, everyone else pays more to get the same value that a coupon gives away for less, which we think isn't fair and won't do to our customers, new or returning.

If you see websites offering AutomotiveTouchup coupon codes, they are fakes.

We thank you for your continued support. We always appreciate it.