Ready To Spray Basecoat Color (Use With Spray Gun And Compressed Air)

Bypass the color selector tool and insert your own color information.


  • Colors are custom matched to your original color code.
  • Pre-reduced so you can stir and strain right into your paint gun.
  • Matched colors require clearcoat.
  • Includes stirring sticks and paint strainers.

Product Description

This is automotive paint for customers who have their own professional spray equipment including an air compressor and paint gun. We make our products spray-able, which means that the proper paint reducers have been added for ease of use, paint flow, and dry times. We make it as easy as possible for the professional painter. View Our Ready To Spray Paint Directions. Recommended for use by or to be supervised by a professional painter. All colors are mixed to your original paint code per order. Wooden mixing paint sticks and paint strainers are included.