Touch Up Paint Products

Ordering our color-matched, original OEM quality auto touch up paint is easy with our 1/2 oz touch up paint bottles. Don't forget to use clearcoat. Click here for touch up paint directions.

Our 2 oz touch up paint products. We will need the year, make, model, and color code of your vehicle. Confused? Grab our directions for touch up paint.

Paint pens are clean and easy to use, and even easier to order. We will need the year, make, model, and color code of your vehicle. You must scroll down to see all products. Don't forget to use clearcoat. Here are the Paint Pen Directions.

Our ready-to-spray paint for spray guns include: urethane base coat, acrylic lacquer clear coat, urethane clear coat; or synthetic and acrylic enamels for some older vehicles. All current vehicles are painted in basecoat and clearcoat. We make our products spray-able, which means that the proper paint reducers have been added for ease of use, paint flow, and dry times. We make it as easy as possible for the professional painter. Ready To Spray Paint Directions

These accessories will help you achieve a better looking touch up.

From Bondo to making film, everything you need to repair the bumper and body of your car can be found here... besides the actual paint, of course (see above).

Using sandpaper helps you get a better finish and a strong adhesion. View the sandpaper selection chart to learn which grit sandpaper will help your paint job.

Better safe than sorry. Protect yourself with these important safety products.

Which Automotive Touch-up Product is Right for Me?

At AutomotiveTouchup, we offer a comprehensive range of touch-up paint products designed to meet your specific needs and ensure a perfect color match for your vehicle. Our products include:

  1. ½ oz Touch Up Paint (Brush-in-Bottle): Ideal for small chips and scratches, this easy-to-use brush-in-bottle format ensures precision in application. Available in OEM-matched colors, it provides a seamless repair.
  2. 2 oz Touch Up Paint (Brush-in-Bottle): Similar to our ½ oz Touch Up Paint, our 2 oz bottles offer more paint with the same precise brush-in-bottle application method. This size is perfect for multiple touch-ups.
  3. Touch Up Paint Pens: These are convenient and easy for quick repairs. Our paint pens are designed for small scratches and nicks, providing excellent control and a smooth finish.
  4. Aerosol Spray Paint: Our aerosol spray paints cover larger areas or entire panels. They are available in OEM-matched colors and provide a professional finish with ease of application.
  5. Auto Paint (For Spray Guns): For professional or extensive repairs, our ready-to-spray paints are designed for use with spray guns. These include urethane base coats, clear coats, and enamels, ensuring a high-quality finish.
  6. Touch Up Paint Accessories: We offer a variety of accessories to help you achieve the best results, including primers, clear coats, and sandpaper.
  7. Body & Bumper Repair Products: From Bondo to masking films, our selection ensures you have everything needed for bumper and body repairs.
  8. General Abrasives: Our sandpaper and abrasives range from coarse to fine grits, helping you prepare surfaces for painting and achieve a smooth finish.
  9. Safety Products: Protect yourself during the repair process with our range of safety products, including gloves, masks, and goggles.

Your Perfect Color Match:
To ensure you get the exact color you need, enter your vehicle's year, make, and model on our website. Our products are designed to match your vehicle's original color, providing seamless repair.