For the flawless repair of your Jaguar, trust AutomotiveTouchup's perfectly matched body paints and supplies.

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No matter the repair, AutomotiveTouchup can provide just about everything you will ever need to restore the factory finish of your Jaguar. Start here to achieve a precision match of your exact Jaguar color, no matter the year or model. Whether you're driving a Caviar Metallic 2012 XF, an Emerald Fire Metallic 2009 XJ, or if you need a 12 oz. aerosol canister of Jag Racing Green Metallic for a quick touch up of your 2004 S Type, we have the exact Jaguar paint you need to restore your vehicle (no matter the year) to like-new condition.

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jaguar touch up paint With convenient sizes to suit any sized repair, AutomotiveTouchup can provide the perfectly matched auto paints you need to complete the flawless restoration of your Jaguar's factory finish. So if your particular repair requires a simple paint pen filled with Vapour Gray Metallic for your 2010 Jaguar XK or a small 1/2 oz. brush-in bottle of Black Amethyst Metallic for your 2013 F Type, AutomotiveTouchup has the right paint in the right size. And for those times that you might need just a bit more than a 1/2 oz. bottle, but not quite as much as a 12 oz. aerosol canister, we can also provide all you do-it-yourselfers with a 2 oz. brush-in bottle. Of course, if your Jaguar requires a complete restoration, or if you need to restore the factory finish to major portions of your vehicle, we offer larger Ready To Spray sizes and multiple 12 oz. aerosol spray canisters. So, for instance, if you need to re-spray the hood of your 2006 British Racing Green X Type or your 2004 XK needs a flawless new coat of Coronado Blue Metallic on the passenger's side door, AutomotiveTouchup has just the right paint, in exactly the right size for larger jobs like these. In fact, we offer any perfectly matched Jaguar paint you need in Ready To Spray pints, quarts, and gallons, too.


jaguar body repair products Providing more than just precision Jaguar paint matches for any vehicle manufactured since 1959, AutomotiveTouchup can also help to restore your Jaguar's original factory finish by shipping quality auto repair products directly to your door. These include primers (available in gray, red, black, and white), adhesion promoter, sandpapers, and a clear coat that has been said by some to set the industry standard. Working together as a complete system, AutomotiveTouchup paints and quality body repair products deliver a stellar result no matter what specific body repairs your Jaguar requires. We can even provide a quality spray gun as well as top quality body and bumper repair products to help restore your Jaguar and have it looking its best in no time.


restore your jaguar For far less than a trip to your local body shop, AutomotiveTouchup can provide you with everything you need to quickly and easily restore your Jaguar's original factory finish. By providing factory matched Jaguar paints in a number of convenient sizes, not to mention AutomotiveTouchup's complete line of body and bumper repair products, our paints and products help to instill confidence. After all, nothing instills confidence in your ability to complete the job correctly like having the right products for the particular job at hand. To ensure that you have everything you need, AutomotiveTouchup also takes the time to explain most common auto body repairs with easy, step-by-step instructions courtesy of our ONLINE VIDEO LIBRARY.


aerosol tip From AutomotiveTouchup's aerosol primers (available in gray, red, black, and white) and industry-leading clear coat, to our perfectly matched Jaguar paints, each 12 oz. canister that we sell comes equipped with our pro-grade aerosol tip. The reason is simple - it helps deliver a superior fan pattern for excellent, even coverage. No, we don't have to use this upgraded spray tip, and our competitors don't, but we believe that even though it costs more, your Jaguar is worth it. That's why we go to the extra expense.