Best Quality Chrysler Touchup Paint with A Perfect Match

Even if you didn't buy your Chrysler new, you can still bring back that showroom new shine your Chrysler car or SUV had with our line of precision engineered and manufactured touchup paints. We use only the highest quality paints and materials to provide an exact OEM color match and easy to use paints in spray cans, bottle, and paint pens.

Find Chrysler Colors By Model Year

Finding the perfect match paint for your Chrysler is easy! First, use our super easy chart below to match the year and model of the Chrysler you own, then search for your color from the year correct choices shown. From a vintage 1968 Newport right up to a 2021 Chrysler 300, our precision color match system matches your original OEM color exactly. It's the finest quality paint you can get, delivered to your door, ready to use. Just match your Chrysler's OEM paint using the factory paint codes. "What's a paint code?", you may ask? It is factory shorthand for the name of the paint on your Chrysler. It's easy to find, too. Just follow the directions on our simple paint code locator found in here.

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Where Is the Paint Code on a Chrysler?

How to Locate Your Chrysler Paint Code
Location of Your Chrysler Paint Code

Fix Chrysler Paint The Easy Way

AutomotiveTouchup is like an auto body shop delivered to your door. From paint and cleaning solvents to sandpaper, and Personal Protective Equipment for your safety, you'll find everything you need right here, ready to ship. If your Chrysler has scratches and chips to fix, we have what you need to get the job done. Whether it's a 1/2 oz bottle of Peppermint Metallic to fix a chip on the trunk lid on a 1977 Córdoba or a paint pen filled with Velvet Red Pearl to repair a scratch on the fender of a 2020 Pacifica. You'll save money, too because fixing your paint yourself is the easiest and least expensive way to restore your car's factory finish when compared to a professional body shop. Our precision mixed touchup paints are all engineered to work together to bring back your car's original factory shine, from the direct to metal primer, to the precise color coat to the protective clearcoat that restores the shine your Chrysler had when new, they all work together to restore factory like color and shine. Everything we sell to help you fix your paint is professional quality and super easy to use. You'll enjoy working on your Chrysler and there is nothing like the satisfaction you'll get when your family and friends compliment you on what a great job you did. It's all due to the professional quality paint, and supplies like our prep solvent, ultra-fine sandpaper, precision micro dabbers for pinpoint paint placement, and more, shipped to your door ready to use.

Big Repairs Call For Big Paint Sizes

chrysler touch up paints

Not every Chrysler paint repair is as easy as using a convenient paint pen, but no worries. We've got precision engineered paint available by the gallon, too! Get a factory perfect match for your Chrysler's color OEM in pints, quarts and gallons, perfect for doing a large repair or even a complete makeover. Need a pint of Mocha Java Metallic to respray the sliding door of your 2015 Town and Country? We've got you covered. Or, maybe you've got a 1987 Conquest in Carrera Red that would look so much better if the rear spoiler was repainted. No problem, we've got you covered there, too, because our paint, primer, and clearcoat are available ready to spray in pint, quart and gallon sizes for use with professional spray guns. Use this handy calculator to determine just how much paint you'll need. Regardless of size, we package our precision matched paint in the perfect amount of paint you need for your Chrysler without ordering too much or too little. This saves you money and time because you'll have what you need on hand, precision engineered and ready to spray for a color match that rivals the OEM paint your Chrysler came with.

Pro Quality Body Repair Products Your Chrysler Deserves

The pros know: the best quality repairs begin with quality auto body repair products, so get the best right here to get your Chrysler looking right again. No matter the skill level, we supply do-it-yourselfers like you with the best body filler, spot putty, dust masks and even fine quality spray guns , all the same top-quality body repair products the pros would use. Our specially formulated primers in red, white, black, and gray, are precision engineered to be the best for your Chrysler and to cover better with fewer coats compared to ordinary primers. We also have ready to ship to your door the exact sandpapers, masking tape, tack rags, prep solvent and other supplies you'll want to make your repair pop from just okay to spectacular.

DIY So Easy You'll Wonder Why All DIY Isn't This Simple

learn chrysler paint chip repair and touch up from the pros

We get it, it's a big commitment to fix a scratch yourself on your Chrysler. That's why we've got you covered with a complete video library that show you how to do most common repairs, and experts to ask for everything else. Step by step, you'll find our easy-to-follow directions included with your paint purchase will build your confidence as you work your way to a beautiful paint repair on your Chrysler. Our paints and products are really easy to use and our video library shows you how you can get professional results as you do-it-yourself to handle many common repairs.

The Most Common Questions Asked About Chrysler Touchup Paint

What Is The Chrysler Touchup Paint Process?
Whether you use our paint pen, bottle or aerosol can, you must have a smooth and insanely clean surface for the paint to adhere to. Using touch up paint for your Chrysler begins with preparing the surface near the repair for paint. Dust, oils, fingerprints, grease or wax on the Chrysler body parts you are going to be painting are a no no, so they must be removed with prep solvent. Then the first paint layer is our specially formulated primer. It "bites" into the bare metal, so you get stronger foundation for color coat. Follow your Chrysler touchup paint directions carefully here, and build up the color in several thin coats rather than one runny coat. After the color coat dries, it's time for precision engineered clear coat, exclusively designed to work the best with AutomotiveTouchup up color coat paints.

How do you use a Touchup Paint Pen on a Chrysler?
If you can sign your name with a pen, you have the skills needed to use a paint pen full of Chrysler touchup paint. First, clean the area to be repaired thoroughly. Next, apply primer to cover any exposed metal using a primer paint pen. Let it dry, then blend in the chip with the Chrysler precision match paint pen and let it dry. Lastly, then use a clear coat pen to go over the repair and seal and protect the new paint.

Is AutomotiveTouchup The Best Chrysler Touchup Paint?
Many pros agree the best Chrysler touchup paint comes right here from AutomotiveTouchup. From Chrysler touch up paint in a pen for a little chip, to a gallon of paint to repaint the entire hood, our website has everything you need in one convenient place. Our precision engineered paint gives you the perfect match for your Chrysler, and we all the supplies and equipment you need to get professional looking results no matter what your skill level is.

Can't My Chrysler Dealer Sell Me Touchup Paint?
Yes, they will probably be more than happy to sell you really expensive touchup paint that may or may not be perfect for your Chrysler. It usually only comes in tiny amounts and worse, may not even exactly match your color, especially if you have an older model Chrysler. That's why AutomotiveTouchup is better than going to a dealer. We have your exact color in the right size you need in the exact amount you need, delivered to your door either in bottles, aerosol cans, paint pens, and even larger amounts available ready to spray in pints, quarts and gallons.

How Much Is Chrysler Touchup Paint?
The most popular touch paint solution for Chryslers starts at only $24.95 for the 12oz aerosol can! This is usually enough to do the job, but you can use our handy paint quantity guide to show you how many cans of primer, color and clearcoat you'll need to do a good quality job. Figuring out the quantity of paint needed to make a quality repair will determine how much Chrysler costs, depending on how big the repair will be. Don't worry, you can buy just the right amount you'll need.

Using a Chrysler Touch-Up Paint Pen For Pro-like Results
As with any touchup paint for your Chrysler, start by thoroughly cleaning the area to be painted with prep solvent. Start by cleaning the scratch, so it's free of dirt and dust. Then, shake your primer pen well and apply a thin coat to the scratch to cover any bare metal. Once the primer is dry, repeat this process with your Chrysler paint pen. Apply as many coats as you need to cover the scratch, letting each coat dry thoroughly before applying the next coat. When the last coat is dry, use a clear coat pen to protect your repair.

You Can Do It Yourself, and We're Here To Help!