Custom-Mixed Acura Touch-Up Paint

It's easy to find the premium automotive paints and body repair products you need to have your Acura sedan, coupe, or SUV looking great in no time: AutomotiveTouchup has high-quality, custom-mixed touch-up paints and accessories for all makes, models, and years.

Find Acura Colors by Year

If you're looking for perfectly matched automotive paint for your 2000 Acura NSX, 2020 RLX, or 1991 Integra, we have you covered. We custom-mix exact-match touch-up paint for all Acura cars, so whether you need a paint pen filled with Grand Prix White, a 2 oz. brush-in bottle of Silverstone Metallic, or a 12 oz. aerosol canister or ready-to-spray gallon of Spa Yellow Pearl, you can find it here. Just choose your model year to get started finding the precision-formulated paint you need to perform the exact body repair your Acura requires.

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Where to Locate Your Acura's Paint Code

How to Locate Your Acura Paint Code
Location of Your Acura Paint Code

Paint Pens, Brush-In Bottles, and More

Sometimes, all you need to restore your Acura's factory finish is a paint pen of precision-matched automotive touch-up paint and a paint pen of our specially formulated clearcoat. On the other hand, some repairs require sandpaper and colored primer, too. Maybe a 1/2 oz. or 2 oz. brush-in bottle of just the right Acura auto paint is what you need to completely restore your Acura to like-new condition. Most small auto paint repairs can be completed with brilliant results with just a few items. And you can order them all from AutomotiveTouchup to be shipped directly to your home for a low cost.

Our perfectly matched Acura touch-up paints, along with AutomotiveTouchup's complete line of auto repair products, make it easier than ever before to handle small chip and scratch repairs on your own. Most common door scuffs and scratches, nicks and chips, and even small rust spots are simple to fix with our Acura paints and automotive repair products. In fact, the AutomotiveTouchup system of paints and aftermarket repair products might be the easiest, least expensive option to restore your Acura's original factory finish.

Acura Spray Paint in Aerosol and Ready-to-Spray Cans

If your repair requires more Acura auto paint than a paint pen or brush-in bottle can provide, AutomotiveTouchup has larger sizes (including 12 oz. aerosol canisters and ready-to-spray paint pints, quarts, and gallons) as well as all the special auto repair products you might need to complete the job correctly and restore your Acura's factory finish. If your TSX Sport Wagon needs its quarter panel restored, or you're looking to revitalize the hood of your 1995 Acura Legend, we can ship you everything you need for an outstanding result. We can even provide what you need to re-spray the bumper of your 1986 Integra: We custom-mix Acura paint colors for all model years. Whether you need perfectly matched Acura paint to restore your Capital Blue Integra or Dark Cherry Pearl ZDX, we can help you make your car look the same as it did the day you drove it home from the dealer.

Acura Exterior Colors and Body Repair Products

acura touch up paints

Our pro-grade spray tip delivers a superior fan pattern for excellent coverage. You'll find it under the cap of everything from the aerosol primer that we sell (available in gray, red, black, and white) to our Acura 12 oz. aerosol paints and lacquer clearcoat. But perfectly matched Acura paints are only part of the story. AutomotiveTouchup can provide everything you need to do the job correctly, including a wide selection of sandpapers, masking tapes, trim repair paints, and bumper repair kits. AutomotiveTouchup can even provide the do-it-yourselfer with the proper dust masks and a good-quality spray gun.

Learn to Use Acura Touch-Up Paint From the Pros

learn acura paint chip repair and touch up from the pros

Not sure how to go about applying Acura touch-up paint? We're here to help. Check out our online video library for step-by-step instructions on some of the most common paint repairs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Acura Touch-Up Paint

Where Is the Paint Code on an Acura?
Your Acura paint code will usually be found on the driver's-side door jamb. Check our Acura paint code locator to see what you should be looking for: It's a white sticker, and Acura paint codes will typically appear toward the bottom of this label.

How Do I Use Touch-Up Paint on My Acura?
Acura touch-up paint instructions will vary based on the nature of the repair: The process of filling in a small chip will be much different than filling a hole in your bumper and spray-painting it, so it looks like new. But the general procedure involves making sure that you have a clean, even surface, then priming, painting, and applying clearcoat.

How Do You Use an Acura Touch-Up Paint Pen?
Acura paint pen instructions are quite easy to follow: Clean the affected area with grease and wax remover, and then use your Acura paint marker to apply thin coats over the scratch. When it's completely covered, add clearcoat and let it dry thoroughly.

Where Can I Buy Acura Touch-Up Paint?
Whether you need Acura spray paint for a large bumper repair job or a simple pen filled with OEM-color-matched Acura touch-up paint for a small scratch, you can find all the Acura auto touch-up paint products you need with AutomotiveTouchup.