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Here's what our customers are saying about our Touch Up Paint:

That Guy in the Desert, owner of a 2016 Honda Accord from Scottsdale, AZ

Everyone is talking about how great the color match is. And I agree - the color matching is impeccable. I ordered the .5 oz brush-in-bottle product for two different cars. But what I'm truly impressed with is that the consistency of the paint is perfect for filling in deeper dings and scratches, if you're willing to be patient and apply a few coats. But your normal gravel ding on the hood or smaller door dings are easily covered up in a single touch. And don't skip the clear coat. Seriously. If your're not going to clear coat your touch up, don't even bother. Oh, the clear coat brush-in-bottle is easy to work with, too. But don't apply in the sun or on hot surfaces. It'll get sticky and will show brush marks. Pull the car into the garage and make sure the surface is below 90 degrees. Really impressive automotive paint products!

John G, owner of a 2016 Honda Pilot from Forest Hill, MD

Great color match fast shipping. Only problem was I pushed a bit to hard on the clearcoat and some ran down that I didn't see til later. Trying to get it off the paint not quite sure what to use. [ATU Note: Acetone and a soft cloth will remove touch up paint from an OEM finish without damaging it.]

Michael D, owner of a 2016 Honda Fit from Boulder, CO

Good color match, easy to use, clear instructions. Spent less than $40 compared with estimates from two different body shops of more than $500. What’s not to like?!

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