Automotive Paint in Quart, Pint, and Gallon Cans for Use With Spray Guns

It's easy enough to fix a small scratch in your vehicle with a bottle of touch-up paint or a larger blemish with some auto spray paint, but what if the problem requires you to repaint a whole panel or more? For bigger paint jobs, you'll need our spray-gun auto paint. This is the same high-quality, precision-matched touch-up paint that you'd expect from AutomotiveTouchup, but it comes in larger quantities and is specially formulated to be applied evenly with a spray gun.

No matter how much paint you need, we can help you to reproduce the factory finish of your vehicle with exact-match automotive paint in quart, gallon, or pint cans. Just order the right paint color, primer, and clear coat and apply as directed with a spray gun, and you'll be able to achieve a flawless look with ease! Our spray-gun automotive paint is custom-mixed with the proper reducers to ensure good paint flow, making it easy to apply on your vehicle. Order our OEM-quality auto paint for spray-gun application today, and you'll see how simple it can be to restore your car, truck, or SUV without having to take it to a body shop!

PINT of Ready To Spray Basecoat Color (use with spray gun & compressed air)
QUART of Ready To Spray Basecoat Color (use with spray gun & compressed air)
GALLON of Ready To Spray Basecoat Color (use w/spray gun & compressed air)
2 part Urethane Clearcoat Kit

Ready-To-Spray Acrylic Lacquer Clearcoat

2 part Quart Urethane Primer Kit

Acrylic Lacquer Primer

Bandit N95 Disposable Dual Cartridge Respirator for use against paint fumes

Organic Vapor Respirator, for use against paint fumes.

Paint Prep Surface Wipe
5 1/2" x 9" sheet Scuff Pad