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Real Customer Testimonials

"I am really really pleased. The color matched perfectly and the paint from the spray can looks like I used a spray gun. The price is a great value considering the color match and quality. I am amazed! Very happy customer here!" Scott Simonson

"Very impressive - when I went back to my car to apply the clear coat to a scratch, I could barely tell where the damaged area had been because the paint was an exact match. Thank you!" Marc from Chicago, Illinois

"Well thank you very much...I bought paint from you two times before and your matches are excellent...Once again thank you and I'm sure I will do business with you again in the future..." Samuel 2003 Pontiac

"Whoops, forgot to get the clear coat. The arctic silver you sent for our Porsche is perfect! Thanks-- you've saved my husband the pain of the car's first "ding." Marcelle from CA

"Just wanted to say your paint mixture colors I ordered were PERFECT for both the interior and exterior of my Mark Vlll. Thanks for the GREAT job and service. 100% Satisfied! Thanks again, Harry Vossenas "

"I have already used the paint you sent to touch up some places where my car got paint taken off on the bumper and it matched great. Thanks a lot. I will recommend your site if I ever hear of anyone needing touch up paint. Thanks again for the paint. Lori"

"I used the touchup paint today on my British Racing Green Jaguar. The color matched so well that even my wife was impressed...and that takes some doing. Very happy with the product. Al"

"-- thank you very much! Also just to let you know we are very pleased with the paint. It looks like a perfect match, and we were so happy to be able to get it. Thanks again." Joyce

"The paint arrived today in the mail. It is a very good match. Many thanks for your help. Will let others know about your business." Marvin (Nissan Owner)

"Received the paint yesterday for my '96 Sable. Thanks so much; it is PERFECT. Given the fact that I have maintained it fanatically, it now looks good as new. Thanks again, Steve Gellert"

"Hi-just wanted to say thanks again for the paint and clear coat. My job on my vehicle turned out perfectly. I used an airbrush to help fade the paint, and after color sanding it, it is practically invisible. Thanks again for your help and quick service!" Billt_vt 045 white on a '95 Toyota Landcruiser

"Just finished a $5,000 body job using your spray touch-up. With just a little polishing the finish came out like factory." JohnLeo54

"The paint you sent matches my car perfectly. Previously, I had tried paint from another popular supplier and twice they sent me paint that did not match my cars color. You got it right the first time. I don't know what I would have done if you weren't there. Thank you so much." Glen Bartholomew

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