Automotive Acrylic Spray Paint Primer

Primer is the Basecoat Color's Basecoat

12 oz Aerosol Sandable Acrylic Lacquer Primer
Price: $11.95

Product Description

  • Primer spray paint provides a smooth surface to apply the Basecoat Color over.
  • It bonds to any bare metal or body filler in the repair.
  • Spray paint primer fills in any minor scratches from sanding.
  • Our sandable primer spray paint is specially engineered to work exclusively with AutomotiveTouchup Basecoat Color.
  • This acrylic primer spray paint is easy to sand.

Order Spray Paint Primer Online For Your Next Auto Body Touch-Up

Primer is the step no one sees, but it is the most important step in making your repair invisible. It is the foundation for the paint job for the whole vehicle because the basecoat color alone can't provide the best adhesion and corrosion resistance over bare metal. Even if you spend hours sanding the surface, the body filler's texture will never be smooth enough to give an undetectable surface for the basecoat color. That's where spray paint primer comes in. It fixes these problems by sticking to bare metal, so your paint job has a solid foundation to work off of. Adding a layer of spray paint primer seals the body filler, which means it can lessen the chance of corrosion over time, and when lightly sanded, it removes minor scratches and blends the repair into the surrounding paint. Most importantly, applying a sandable primer spray paint provides the smooth surface that the basecoat color needs for the best finish.

Primer Spray Paint Formulated for Excellence

When you purchase acrylic primer spray paint from AutomotiveTouchup, you're getting a primer that has been specially formulated to spray evenly, dry quickly, and sand easily. Our exclusive primer spray paint formula is designed to work with our basecoat color without reacting to it negatively as other primers can. For your best finish, use AutomotiveTouchup Primer under AutomotiveTouchup Basecoat Color.

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