Brush-On Automotive Touch-Up Clear Coat Paint

1/2 oz High-Gloss Clear Coat Bottle
Price: $7.95

Product Description

  • Provides the gloss, luster, and true color, that base coat can't on its own
  • Protects the base coat from abrasion, weather, and harmful UV rays
  • Formulated exclusively to work best with AutomotiveTouchup paint colors

Order Professional-Grade Automotive Clear Coat Paint Online

The base coat may be responsible for restoring your vehicle's factory color, but using the right clear coat for touch-up paint is how you get a sleek and glossy finish. Our AutomotiveTouchup clear coat, when used as directed, provides your vehicle with the flawless repair you want and the UV protection you need. Just use the brush-in-bottle applicator to precisely apply the high-gloss touch-up clear coat where you need it: Our clear coat for touch-up paint goes on easily and evenly so that your repair will virtually disappear with just a few passes of the applicator.

This touch-up clear coat for paint repairs has been specially formulated for use with all AutomotiveTouchup paint colors to give you the longest-lasting shine and protection. Developed as part of AutomotiveTouchup's base-coat/clear-coat system, which mimics the process used by OEMs, this clear coat for touch-up jobs protects the color underneath as well as adds gloss and richness. It's also engineered to work in tandem with our touch-up paint; other clear coats may produce inferior results. Order yours today, and you'll soon see how easy it can be to restore your vehicle's factory finish!