Gray Automotive Touch-Up Primer, 1/2-Ounce Bottle

1/2 oz Grey Primer Bottle
Price: $6.95

Product Description

  • Specially engineered to work exclusively with AutomotiveTouchup paint
  • Fills in any minor scratches from sanding
  • Bonds to bare metal or body filler
  • Provides a smooth, even surface to apply the base coat over
  • Easy to sand

Sandable Primer for Your Next Auto Paint Touch-Up Project

Touch-up primer may be the part that no one sees, but that doesn't stop it from being the most important one for a high-quality paint job. Proper primer touch-up application ensures that your base coat color has the best adhesion possible while also protecting your vehicle's metal from corrosion. It also creates a smoother surface for your paint than any other body filler is capable of, no matter how much you sand it. The touch-up paint primer's specially designed formula seals in the body filler and blends minor scratches from sanding right into the repair. Once you apply this touch-up primer, the repair area will be perfectly prepared for painting.

AutomotiveTouchup primer has been specially formulated for use under our custom-mixed base coat colors to give you the best results. It goes on evenly, dries quickly, and sands away easily. We have also taken precautions to ensure that our touch-up paint primer formula doesn't negatively react to your base coat's color the way other primers can.

A high-quality paint repair is easier when you work with high-quality products. Order our automotive primer today to start your project with the right foundation!