Sandpaper Pack
Price: $3.59


  • Choose which Grit you want
  • Sands Wet or Dry (40 grit is used dry only)
  • Sands Clear Coats, Lacquer, Enamels, and Automotive Paints
  • 5 Sheets per Pack
  • 5 1/2" x 9"

Product Description

Automotive Grade Sandpaper is used for sanding old finishes or perfecting new finishes. Visit our sandpaper selection chart to help decide which grade you need. Use a rubber sanding block to save your fingers. All grits except 40 are waterproof. Using water while sanding helps trickle away the sanding dust which clog sandpaper and make it less efficient.

Warning: Do not breathe the dust created by sanding car paint or get it into your eyes.