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Here's what our customers are saying about our Touch Up Paint:

Joe H, owner of a 1998 Honda from West Chester, PA

I purchased your products to paint a new bumper cover and metal trim on my daughter's car after a minor "Oh Daddy moment" in the driveway over the Holidays. There was no drinking just too many cars. I would have been happier with an extra pair of socks rather than a new job for Christmas but..... Service and tech support was GREAT 100%. Color match to factory paint you just can't do better, you can not get this color match from the little cans at the parts stores. Clear coat smooth as glass. I only gave 4 (it should be 4.5) because one of the base coat cans did not spray well and was somewhat runny and "spitty". I did shake & shake and cleaned the nozzle... maybe next time I will just Shake and Pour...oh that is something else. I switched to another can and everything was fine (I have half a can for sloppy touch up somewhere else). I highly recommend your spray applicators they are great....DO NOT spray without them. Purchase 2 one for base coat and one for the clear coat...it makes the job so much easier and neater. I am a returning customer and I will be back again and again (whenever I have automotive paint needs). Thanks for a GREAT product line and customer service. Happy New Year. Joe

Ron B, owner of a 1998 Honda Accord from Glencoe, IL

When combined with the clear coat spray the color match was incredibly dead on even though my 20+ year old 1998 Honda Accord was made long long ago.

Jim K, owner of a 1998 Honda Accord from Whitehall, PA

Second time ordering from you for my wife’s 1998 Honda Accord which runs in perfect condition still as of this writing. The color match is more than exact and the sealer does it’s job.

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