AutomotiveTouchup provides an exact manufacturer's paint match to help you to restore your Jeep's original factory finish.

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We can deliver an exact match to the factory finish of your 4x4, SUV, or any Jeep vehicle no matter if its a vintage model or if just rolled off the showroom floor this year. Our complete auto touch up paint system of paints, primers, clear coats and more is one of the quickest and easiest ways to complete the job and attain a great result - every time. In addition to perfect matched Jeep paints provided by year and model, we can also ship most of the body repair products you might ever need. Just select the year of your Jeep and follow our easy instructions to locate precisely the right color automotive paint you need to restore your vehicle's finish to like-new condition.

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Select Your Jeep's Year

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jeep touch up paint Offering the right paints in the perfect size make all the difference for quality, low-cost auto body repairs, large or small. In fact, AutomotiveTouchup could be the the easiest, most inexpensive way to restore your Jeep's original factory finish - whether you need a gallon of Ready To Spray Sebring Red for an extensive repair of your 1985 Jeep CJ7 or just need a 2 oz. brush-in bottle of Light Khaki Metallic to clean up a few scuffs and some missing paint on wheel well of your 2006 Jeep Cherokee. For even smaller jobs, we can provide you with a 1/2 oz. brush-in bottles and paint pens, too. No matter which Jeep you drive, from a Copper Pearl 2012 Jeep Compass to a Mellow Yellow 1975 Jeep Wagoneer or Green Apple CJ5, we can deliver an exact manufacturer's matched paint in exactly the right size to complete a professional-looking repair for less. Our complete line incudes paint pens, 1/2 oz. brush-in bottles, 2 oz. brush-in bottles, 12 oz. aerosol canisters, as well as Ready To Spray paints in pints, quarts, and gallons.


jeep primers Perfectly matched auto paints for your Jeep are only the beginning. Trust AutomotiveTouchup to be your premier source for quality body repair products, too. We can provide everything the do-it-yourselfer might ever need to restore the factory finish of their Jeep, no matter the year or model. We can ship it all direct to you - from our signature series of aerosol primers (available in grey, red, black, and white) and sandpapers of virtually every grit necessary, to a wide assortment of masking tape, trim repair paints, and glazing and spot putties. We can even provide dust masks and a spray gun that's a good, solid value. Bumper repair kits, too.


restore jeep paint Every job is made manageable by having the right products and information on hand. AutomotiveTouchup inspires confidence in the do-it-yourselfer by providing everything you need to restore your Jeep to like-new condition without any of the excessive body shop costs or added inconvenience of being without your vehicle for extended periods of time. Our system of conveniently-sized, perfect matched 4x4, SUV, or other Jeep vehicle paints, primers, clear coat and other body repair products is setting the curve in the aftermarket automotive paint industry.


jeep paint online video In addition to providing the right products for every job, Our ONLINE VIDEO LIBRARY helps to explain most common auto touch up paint repairs with easy step-by-step direction.