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Here's what our customers are saying about our Touch Up Paint:

Ron S, owner of a 1981 Honda from Gilroy, CA

I purchased base coat and clear coat a couple of months ago to do a late model car bumper repair (2017 Camaro) and it turned out beautifully. It was a perfect color match, and yielded an especially glossy clear coat finish using the blue rubbing compound. I liked the rubbing compound so much that I used the rest of it on a DuPont paint repair from several years ago that had never quite shined like it should. It worked perfectly for that purpose despite the age of the paint on that other vehicle. I am currently working on an old motorcycle's tank and fairings (1981 CBX) and had the base color paint on hand for it already. I purchased the clear coat from Automotive Touchup because I was so impressed with the way it had worked on the bumper repair. It is still a work in progress but I anticipate that the clear coat will turn out just as good as the previous repair job did. I also purchased the larger size of the rubbing compound this time because I don't want to run out. Great stuff! Thanks.

Dave L, owner of a 2003 Honda Pilot from Duluth, MN

Great color match with smooth application. This helped extend the life of my 13 year old Pilot!

Rob, owner of a 2003 Honda Odyssey from TX

Great match at a very fair price. Much better match and application than the touch up paint I purchased several years ago from the dealer. I plan to order touch up for all my family's cars.

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