Automotive Color Match Spray Paint

12 oz Aerosol Spray Paint


  • Custom Manufactured to match your original factory color code.
  • 12 oz aerosol cans are easy to apply.
  • Custom-matched colors have an excellent color match.

Product Description

Our 12-ounce aerosol custom spray paint is designed to be filled with a custom-matched color basecoat to your car's exact factory color code. It doesn't matter if you drove your car off the lot just a few days ago or if you've had it for years; our custom color spray paint is made on a per-order basis, so we can create a basecoat/clearcoat formula that fits your car so well nobody will know you touched it up. To get the best results from our paint match spray paint, you should use both the basecoat color-matched spray paint and the clearcoat to get a better paint match and a proper shine. When you order your very own 12 oz aerosol color-matched spray paint it will be mixed to fit the color code of the make and model of your car using only the highest paint quality available. If your paint color is only available in a single-stage (no clearcoat) formula, we will remove and refund the clearcoat if you order it. The touch-up spray paint provides a faster work speed, a finer spray pattern, and a more even-looking coat to your vehicle to make it look as good as it did the day you bought it. Alongside our paint match spray paint, consider looking into the spray paint accessories to achieve a better finish.

Spray Paint Directions