Precision-Matched Mazda Touch-Up Paint

Our complete automotive touch-up paint system offers one of the quickest and easiest ways to restore the original finish of your Mazda car, truck, or SUV.

Find Mazda Paint Colors for Your Model Year

No matter which model of Mazda you drive, be it a Miata, MPV, MX-6, or RX-7, you can count on AutomotiveTouchup to deliver an original manufacturer's match that will have your Mazda's exterior looking not just good but great. Thanks to our line of specially formulated professional auto touch-up paints and body repair products, you'll have everything you need to complete the job right. The right products in the perfect size options make all the difference for high-quality, low-cost auto body repairs, large or small. So if you need a paint pen of Stormy Blue Mica to repair a couple of scratches on the door of your 2012 MX5 Miata or a gallon of ready-to-spray Ruby Mica to repaint the hood of your 1994 Mazda 626, we've got what you need, including the clearcoat.

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Where is the Paint Code on a Mazda?

How to Locate Your Mazda's Paint Code
Location of Your Mazda's Paint Code

Top-Quality Mazda Body Repairs Made Easy

Our auto paint system could be the easiest, most inexpensive way to restore your Mazda's original factory finish, whether you drive an older Mazda truck, a late-model car, or a brand-new SUV. Consisting of everything you need to complete a professional-looking repair, AutomotiveTouchup's complete auto paint system includes precision-matched Mazda auto paints in a variety of convenient sizes (from paint pen to gallon), no less than four separate colored primers for ease of coverage, and perhaps the industry's finest aftermarket clearcoat. Each product we sell is specially formulated to deliver superior results. We can even provide the do-it-yourselfer with a pro-quality air gun or a 12 oz. spray canister with our special pro-grade tip to ensure that the job is done correctly.

Mazda Touch-Up Paints for Every Job

Because AutomotiveTouchup offers perfectly matched Mazda touch-up paints in so many different sizes, there's less waste, which helps keep down the costs of your repair. Whether your 2013 Mazda6 needs a paint pen filled with Snowflake White Pearl to touch up a few minor scratches on the door handle or you need a gallon of ready-to-spray Misty Green Metallic to re-paint the entire roof of your 1993 Protegé, we can deliver an exact manufacturer's match for your particular Mazda paint in exactly the right amount your Mazda body repair demands. Smaller, more minor repairs may require a single paint pen or brush-in bottle (we have a 1/2 oz. size and a somewhat larger 2 oz. size). Or maybe you need to order a larger 12 oz. aerosol canister or two of Mazda touch-up spray paint. For extensive Mazda auto body and paint projects, you might require a spray gun and a pint, quart, gallon, or multiple gallons of ready-to-spray paint. Rest assured that no matter the nature of the auto paint repair required, AutomotiveTouchup can make your fix easy, giving you the confidence to tackle any job while delivering the exceptional result of a factory-new finish for your Mazda.

Superior Auto Body Repair Products

mazda touch up paint

In addition to providing the perfectly matched auto paint that your Mazda repair requires, AutomotiveTouchup can also be your source for reliable body repair products. These include gray, red, black, and white aerosol primers, which assist in providing excellent coverage in as few coats as possible. We can also provide sandpaper, masking tape, trim repair paints, and bumper repair kits, not to mention body filler, glazing/spot putty, dust masks, and a spray gun. We have almost anything you might ever need to restore your Mazda's original factory finish at a fair price.

Find Tips for Using Touch-Up Paint on a Mazda

learn mazda paint chip repair and touch up from the pros

Our online video library includes how-to videos showing how to perform many of the most common auto paint repairs, including step-by-step instructions for masking off your work area, working with Bondo, and blending automotive paint.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mazda Touch-Up Paint

Where Is the Paint Code on a Mazda?
Your vehicle's paint color code will usually be on the driver's-side door jamb, but the location of a Mazda paint code sticker can vary by model and year. Once you locate the sticker, you'll see that Mazda paint colors are usually indicated at the bottom as two- or three-digit codes.

Where Can I Buy Mazda Touch-Up Paint?
You can find the best Mazda touch-up paint products for sale from AutomotiveTouchup! Whether you need a simple Mazda touch-up paint pen or a larger quantity, our online store has you and your vehicle covered.

How Do You Touch Up Paint on a Mazda?
Directions for fixing Mazda paint problems will vary greatly depending on how large the affected area is and which products you need to use from your Mazda paint repair kit. If your Mazda paint is chipping, watch our video on how to use a Mazda scratch repair pen; if you need to do a larger fix, see our instructional videos on how to use Mazda aerosol paint.

How Do You Use a Touch-Up Paint Pen on a Mazda?
Before using a Mazda touch-up pen, use grease and wax remover on the area. If you can see bare metal, use a primer marker to cover the scratch or chip and let it dry. Then, use your Mazda paint pen to apply the base color, using multiple coats until the area is completely covered. When you're done with the Mazda car paint pen, follow up with a clearcoat stick.