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Here's what our customers are saying about our Touch Up Paint:

D C, owner of a 1983 Honda from California

I ordered paint for my 33 year old car, and the color matched Perfectly! It's a very generous container and packed and shipped well. I would suggest to any buyers that if your car has a shiny finish (as most cars do) to also buy the Clear Coat (and Primer if using on a sizable area of bare metal), as the paint alone is not shiny. Thanks again for the accurate color blend!

Steve, owner of a 1984 Honda from High Springs, FL

Perfect color match on a 34 year old paint job. I couldn't have been happier. Thanks!!

Terry D, owner of a 1984 Honda from Virginia

I would caution about use of the aerosol gloss clear coat. It is very sensitive to humidity, I suspect. I used it on a day with humidity a bit over 50% and the finish came out terrible - matt and discolored the white base coat (yellow/green tinge). It appears that I will be able to polish it out to a gloss, but slight discoloration will remain.

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