Automotive Touch Up Brush Paint

1/2-oz. Brush-in-Bottle Touch-Up Paint

If your vehicle's paint job needs a little TLC, you can count on a 1/2-ounce bottle of brush-on car paint from AutomotiveTouchup to help you get the job done right. Our color-matched, OEM-quality auto touch-up paint is simple to use and easy to order. Just give us your vehicle's model, make, year, and color code, and we'll provide you with the perfect brush-on automotive paint. We offer brush-on automotive paint for every make, from Audi to Volvo, and we custom-match every shade to make sure that you get the automotive brush paint color that precisely matches your vehicle.

Brush-in-Bottle Automotive Touch-Up Paint for Any Vehicle

Don't forget to pick up a bottle of clear coat to protect your fresh car brush paint from weather, abrasions, and harmful airborne chemicals. For deep scratches, you'll also need primer to ensure proper adhesion and smooth application. You may also want to consider different application methods depending on the area you need to cover; our auto touch-up paint pens work well on very small blemishes, while a bigger fix might call for aerosol spray paint.

If you need any assistance applying your brush-on paint for cars, trucks, or SUVs, our touch-up paint directions will walk you through the entire process step-by-step. If you prefer a more visual aid, check out our how-to videos. Whether you need to know how to use a spray can gun or flawlessly blend your automotive touch-up paint, our videos will teach you to apply paint like a professional. You can also contact us with questions or concerns about which products to order or how to use them. Let us help you restore your vehicle to like-new condition today!

1/2 oz Touch-Up Bottle
1/2 oz High-Gloss Clear Coat Bottle
1/2 oz Grey Primer Bottle