Premium BMW Touch-Up Paint Custom-Mixed in Every Color

No matter the color, AutomotiveTouchup has the precision-matched BMW scratch paint and pro-grade supplies you need for a flawless repair.

Find BMW Paint Colors by Year

When you need to fix a chip, scratch, or scrape or do a larger repair to restore the factory finish of your BMW car or SUV, AutomotiveTouchup has everything you need, starting with the best BMW touch-up paint on the market. We can provide a precision match of your exact BMW color, no matter the year or model. Whether you need to fix a few stone chips in your Jet Black 2013 6-Series, have a scratch in your Space Gray Metallic 2010 M3, or need some Alpinweiss paint for a quick touch-up (or complete restoration) of your classic 1980 Z8, you're in exactly the right place.

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Where is the Paint Code on a BMW?

How to Locate Your BMW's Paint Code
Location of Your BMW's Paint Code

BMW Paint for Smaller and Larger Jobs

Available in plenty of convenient sizes, our auto spray paints are perfectly matched to your BMW factory finish, whether your particular job requires a paint pen filled with Barbera Red Metallic for your 2008 BMW Alpina B7 or a 1/2 oz. brush-in bottle of Mineral White Pearl for your 2011 3-Series. We even offer a 2 oz. brush-in bottle if you need a bit more than a 1/2 oz. bottle but not as much as a 12 oz. aerosol spray canister. For larger jobs or complete restorations, we offer our larger ready-to-spray sizes (pint, quart, and gallon) and 12 oz. aerosol spray cans. Whether you need to re-spray the hood on your 2011 Bluewater Metallic 1-Series or your 2004 3-Series Cabrio needs a fresh coat of Havana Metallic on the driver's-side door, we have the perfect paint in the perfect size for the job. The right repair calls for just the right amount of exact-match auto paint.

High-Quality BMW Repair Products

bmw touch up paint

It's easy to restore your BMW's original factory finish with premium products from AutomotiveTouchup. Sure, we can provide perfectly matched auto touch-up paint for your BMW car or SUV, but we can also ship straight to your door an extensive line of high-quality auto repair products, including primers (gray, red, black, and white), adhesion promoter, sandpapers, and a clearcoat that has been described as setting the industry standard. All the elements of the AutomotiveTouchup auto paint system work together to deliver the result your BMW deserves. We also offer a high-quality spray gun as well as premium body and BMW bumper paint repair products to keep your vehicle looking its best.

Get the Right Products for Your BMW

learn bmw paint chip repair from the pros

We provide do-it-yourselfers with everything they need to restore their BMW's original factory finish for far less than a trip to the local body shop. By offering factory-matched BMW paints in convenient sizes along with a complete line of body and bumper repair products, we help instill confidence that you can do the job right: Nothing inspires confidence like having the right products for the job. We also take the time to explain common auto body repairs step by step in our online video library, so you'll have a clear idea of what you need to do before you start.

Best-in-Class BMW Spray Paints

From our aerosol primers to our perfectly matched BMW paints and the finest aftermarket clearcoat available, each aerosol can that AutomotiveTouchup sells comes equipped with our pro-grade aerosol tip. Why? Because it delivers a superior fan pattern for excellent, even coverage. No, we don't have to use this upgraded spray tip, and our competitors certainly don't. But we understand how important it is to achieving a flawless factory finish on your BMW. That's why we go to the extra expense. Your BMW is worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions About BMW Touch-Up Paint

Where Do I Find My BMW Paint Code?
Your BMW touch-up paint code will usually be on a black label under the hood of your vehicle, though the exact location will vary by model and year. BMW paint colors are given as three-digit codes and may be accompanied by a color name in either English or German.

What Colors Do BMWs Come In?
BMW exterior colors cover the entire spectrum. Popular off-the-lot color options for 2021 included Alpine White, Black Sapphire Metallic, Glacier Silver Metallic, Jet Black, Melbourne Red Metallic, Mineral Grey Metallic, Phytonic Blue Metallic, and Sunset Orange Metallic, for instance. But through the company's Individual program, you can also order from dozens of specialty BMW custom colors spanning literally every hue in the rainbow, from Imola Red to Java Green to Venetian Violet. Despite this massive variety of color options, AutomotiveTouchup can custom-mix a perfectly matched paint for any BMW vehicle.

Does BMW Sell Touch-Up Paint?
Yes, they do sell genuine BMW OEM touch-up paint, but paint from the original manufacturer tends to be overpriced, and it only comes in one quantity: a 12 ml paint stick (less than a half-ounce). It's much more economical to look elsewhere than a local BMW dealer when you need paint for your BMW car or motorcycle, especially if you need to cover more than a small scratch.

Where Can I Buy Touch-Up Paint for My BMW?
Whether you need a BMW pen filled with Alpine White or a full BMW paint gallon for your spray gun, you can find everything you need with AutomotiveTouchup. Our BMW paint shop can precision-match any factory color, and you can order touch-up paint for your BMW car scratch repair in a range of sizes, including brush-in bottles, spray cans, and pints, quarts, and gallons.

How Much Does it Cost to Paint a BMW?
The cost to repaint your BMW is going to widely vary based on the spot you need fixed and the extent of the painting process you'll need to fix the problem. For instance, a major BMW bumper repair will cost a lot more than fixing a couple of paint chips. But no matter the job, it's likely to cost much more at a body shop than it would to do the job yourself with our high-quality BMW paint.

How Do You Use BMW Touch-Up Paint?
The process of using a BMW paint scratch repair kit will be much different than the directions for repainting the hood of your vehicle with a spray gun, but the overall BMW touch-up paint instructions are similar for any project: Clean the area thoroughly, apply primer to any bare metal, apply the paint in thin coats until you achieve full coverage, and finish with clearcoat.

How Do You Use a BMW Touch-Up Paint Pen?
Using a BMW paint pen is simple. First, clean the area to be sure it's free of dirt, dust, and grease. Then, if you're covering a deep scratch, use a primer marker to cover the area with primer. Once this is dry, shake your BMW touch-up paint stick well, then test out the BMW pen on another surface, pressing down on the tip until the paint comes out. Next, apply the paint in a thin coat and let it dry. Add more coats with your BMW paint pen as needed. Finally, add clearcoat.