1/2 oz Paint Pen
Price: $15.55

Bypass the color selector tool and insert your own color information


  • Colors are custom matched to your original color code.
  • Paint pens are clean and easy to use.
  • Matched colors require clearcoat.

Product Description

Each touch up paint pen has been custom matched to your exact factory color code and is manufactured on a per-order basis. We will need the year, make, model, and color code of your vehicle. Almost all modern and many older cars are available in a basecoat / clearcoat formula so clearcoat is required for a proper shine and paint match. We mix the highest paint quality available for your order. In the event that your paint color is only available in a single-stage (no clearcoat) formula we will remove and refund the clearcoat and notify you. Directions for paint pens are on this page.