AutomotiveTouchup How-to Videos

Learn How To Get Professional Looking Results from our Step-by-Step Videos

The professional quality paints and products available here from Automotive Touchup are designed to give do-it-yourselfers like you the best looking results possible when used as directed. No matter what your skill level or experience is, our collection of how-to videos will help build your confidence as they guide you step by step through every phase of your repair. You can do this, and we’re always here to help.

How To Blend Touchup Paint Flawlessly

Blending is the secret to a nearly invisible touchup paint repair. The simple techniques we show you in this video will help you easily blend your touchup paint, so it virtually disappears and looks like a pro did it.

Making Touchup Paint Stick To Bumpers

Flexible plastic pieces like bumpers are challenging for touchup paint to stay properly adhered to. The paint will eventually flake off if not properly prepared. In this video, learn how to use AutomotiveTouchup Adhesion Promoter, so your touchup paint sticks stronger and last longer.

Blending In Touchup Paint on Bumper Repairs

The compound curves found around bumpers, roof-lines and other openings present a challenge to blend touchup paint in well, but you can do it with a little patience. With the tips you’ll learn in this video, you’re sure to get the professional looking results you want.

How To Fine Sand or "Feather" Touchup Paint

Feather sanding (feathering) is the soft, featherlight use of ultra-fine sandpaper to remove minor imperfections. The result is a silky smooth surfaces, ready for paint. The feathering techniques you’ll learn in this video will help the touchup paint blend better with the surrounding paint.

How To Get A Smooth Surface With Plastic Body Filler

Plastic body filler, such as Bondo® brand filler, is used to fill in small dents and surface imperfections that would be noticeable in the final paint finish. In this video we’ll show you how to use plastic body filler so that you get the best possible surface, ready for touchup paint.

(Bondo® is a registered trademark of the 3M Company and is not affiliated with Always follow the label directions when using any plastic body filler product.)

How To Use A Paint Pen To Fix Small Chips In Paint

If you can sign your name with a pen, then you can fix small chips and scratches in paint. Our paint pens feature a special 3-way applicator tip for broad, fine and pinpoint control. We’ll show you in this video how to easily make paint repairs so good that even you will have to look hard to find them!

Get Professional Looking Touchup Results By Using Our Spray Can Gun

Our spray can gun is specially engineered for AutomotiveTouchup to give your aerosol paint a better, more even spray pattern that mimics a professional spray gun. The ergonomic design also reduces fatigue on your finger and feels more natural in your hand, which is important for getting professional looking results. This video will show you how to get the most performance out of the spray can gun for amazing results.

Fixing Peeling Paint On Luxury Cars

Even the best luxury car brands can suffer from peeling paint caused by intense UV ray exposure, especially on plastic pieces like spoilers. We’ll show you the painless process to make your peeling paint parts look factory new again.

How To Tape And Mask Your Vehicle Before Painting

Taping and masking allows you to focus on blending in the new paint without worrying about getting paint onto unwanted surfaces. The easy step-by-step lesson and helpful tips in this video will make the job even easier.

How To Fix Peeling Paint

Peeling paint is a fairly common paint repair. Repairing it is simple when you follow the steps as shown in this video. With just a few simple tools and your exact match touchup paint from AutomotiveTouchup, peeling paint will be a thing of the past on your car in next to no time.

Why You Need To Use Prep Solvent Cleaner

Good quality prep solvent is the secret to a great paint repair. It deep-cleans surfaces to remove dust, old paint, wax and oils that would otherwise ruin your new touchup paint. Keep it clean and watch this video to learn the best ways to use prep solvent as part of your paint repair.

Test Spray Your Touchup Paint

The test card provided with your paint is the easiest and most effective way to make sure your color matches exactly, before you spray it onto your car. Simply spray, let dry, then compare it with your existing paint. This video explains how to get the most out of the spray test.

How To Get Rid Of Those Dingy Yellow Headlights

You’ll be amazed how easy it is to restore your dingy, yellow headlights with a little time and patience. You can make your headlights can look like new again, and we’ll show you how in this video!