Premium Mercedes Touch-Up Paint


AutomotiveTouchup has perfectly matched paints and high-quality body repair products to restore your Mercedes-Benz sedan, coupe, wagon, or SUV to showroom condition.

Select a Model Year to Find Exterior Mercedes Colors

The AutomotiveTouchup paint system is one of the quickest, easiest, and least expensive ways to restore your Mercedes original factory finish. To get started, simply select your vehicle's year. Whether you own a timeless auto from the 1950s or a brand-new Mercedes-Benz SLK-Class convertible, we can provide touch-up paints that are precision-matched to the legendary carmakers exacting standards. With our precision-matched automotive paints and body supplies, you'll be well-equipped to complete a professional-looking paint repair.

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Where is the Paint Code on a Mercedes-Benz?

How to Locate Your Mercedes-Benz's Paint Code
Location of Your Mercedes-Benz's Paint Code

Everything for Mercedes Paint Repairs in One Place

Our full line of Mercedes-Benz touch-up paints and body repair products covers everything you need to restore your C-Class, E-Class, or G-Class for a lot less than a local body shop. You can count on AutomotiveTouchup's complete line of perfectly matched touch-up paint pens, brush-in bottles, and aerosol paint products to help restore any Mercedes-Benz's finish to its original factory condition. Whether you have a few simple key scratches on the trunk of your 1967 CLC-Class or your 2014 Sprinter has some tiny scuffs on the driver's side door, we can provide everything you need to get a great result, including supplies like body filler, sandpaper, and a spray gun. We have every detail covered to make sure that you can complete a flawless Mercedes-Benz repair.

No Job Is Too Large or Too Small

mercedes-benz touch up paint

Repairing some major paint damage on the door of your CLS-Class sedan? How about re-spraying the trunk on your E-Class wagon? Whatever type of job you have in mind and no matter which Mercedes-Benz you own, AutomotiveTouchup has an entire line of manufacturer-matched paint and repair products for large or small jobs, from repainting a classic Mercedes to touching up a few simple scratches on a brand-new E-Class. In fact, we can ship our ready-to-spray paints in all exterior Mercedes colors direct to your door in pint, quart, and gallon sizes just as easily as we can ship a 1/2 oz. brush-in bottle or perfectly matched paint pen. No matter the size of the repair, no matter the color, we have your exact-match Mercedes-Benz paints. We also have your primer (in four colors for easy coverage) and a clear coat that sets the industry standard for quality and ease of application. And they all work together perfectly to make any Mercedes-Benz repair project a great success and easy to pull off.

Easy to Buy and Easy to Apply

Our aerosol products are among the most affordable and effective tools you can use to restore your Mercedes-Benz. Each can of our precision-formulated 12 oz. aerosol paints, primers, and clear coat features a pro-grade aerosol tip. This specialized tip costs a bit more than the cheap tips you'll find on our competitors' rattle cans, but we invest in our products because we believe that superior products enable us to deliver a high-quality result that Mercedes-Benz drivers demand. Each pro-grade tip delivers an optimal fan pattern to give you great results every time. We never use anything less.

Find Help With Your Mercedes-Benz Paint Project

learn mercedes-benz paint chip repair and touch up from the pros

If you've never done your own Mercedes scratch repair, we're here to equip you with the knowledge and confidence you need as well as the best paint products. Explore our online video library, and you'll find tutorials that take you step by step through the most common auto body repairs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mercedes Touch-Up Paint

How Much Does it Cost to Paint a Mercedes-Benz?
Your Mercedes paint repair cost will vary a great deal, from a few dollars to a few thousand dollars, based on several different factors. Are you touching up the paint yourself or bringing it to a Mercedes-Benz paint shop? Is it a simple scratch fix or a full Mercedes bumper repair? Do you already have a Mercedes-Benz paint repair kit, or do you need to buy the paint and tools? all these things will affect your Mercedes touch-up paint cost as well as the total cost of your repair.

What Are Mercedes Colors for Late-Model Vehicles?
Mercedes-Benz paint colors include a wealth of different options, including shades of white, black, red, gray, silver, and blue, such as Polar White or Lunar Blue. But while you can find plenty of standard MB colors on your nearest dealer lot, the company's Designo Manufaktur program means that you have the option to order from a nearly limitless selection of colors. You can order a car in a color from 2020 or 2021, or a color from five years ago, or a color from the 1960s, or even a color from another car company. But don't worry: With our advanced color-matching technology, we can supply touch-up paint for any vehicle in any color.

What Is the Most Popular Color for a Mercedes?
Gray is the most popular of the Mercedes-Benz exterior paint colors, with black and white coming in close behind.

Where Can I Buy Mercedes Touch-Up Paint?
You can buy all the tools, accessories, and paints you need for your Mercedes-Benz touch-up paint kit at AutomotiveTouchup. Our online shop has everything you need to fix the paint job on your vintage or modern Mercedes-Benz, whether you need to buy a single Mercedes paint pen or a gallon of premium Mercedes spray paint.

Does Mercedes-Benz Sell Touch-Up Paint?
You may be able to find genuine MB touch-up paint at a local Mercedes-Benz car dealer, but you'll probably pay too much for it, and they usually only sell paint in small quantities, which isn't helpful if you to want to paint a large area. At AutomotiveTouchup, our Mercedes-Benz custom paint is made to order and made to exactly match OEM paint colors, so you can get a factory-quality repaint and finish every time.

What Paint Does Mercedes-Benz Use?
Mercedes-Benz, or rather its parent company, Daimler AG, uses a water-based Mercedes-Benz factory paint on its vehicles. When you shop with AutomotiveTouchup, you'll find that our custom-mixed products blend perfectly with the approved Mercedes-Benz OEM paint matching your car's specs.

How Do I Find the Paint Color of My Mercedes?
Paint codes will appear on a label located somewhere on your vehicle. Once you find your three-digit Mercedes paint code, you can use it to order Mercedes-Benz spray paint. If you've looked all over your vehicle and can't find a Mercedes paint code anywhere, you can also order a Mercedes car paint touch-up pen by using your vehicle's model and year to look up the color on our site.

How Do You Touch Up Paint on a Mercedes?
The instructions to touch up car paint on a Mercedes will vary greatly depending on the specific repair, but the general process has four main steps. First, clean the area of your Mercedes-Benz paint chip repair thoroughly. Next, apply primer to any bare metal you see. Then, use your Mercedes touch-up paint pen, bottle, can, or sprayer to apply your custom pant. Your Mercedes-Benz paint job should then be protected with a layer of clearcoat.