SprayMax 2K Urethane Clear Coat (Respirator Mask Mandatory)

SprayMax 2K Urethane Clearcoat (respirator mask mandatory)


  • Max resistance to abrasion and scratching
  • Very smooth flow
  • High gloss that lasts a long time
  • Polishes well
  • No color deviation
  • Creates an amazing paint surface
  • Works well even at higher ambient temperatures

Product Description

Get Professional-Grade Results With SprayMax 2K Clear Coat Spray Paint

SprayMax 2K high-gloss-finish clear coat spray paint is ideal for permanently sealing your vehicle's coated surfaces. The two-component urethane clear coat provides long-lasting resistance against harmful chemicals and everyday weathering. SprayMax 2K clear coat spray paint boasts exceptional filling capacity and smooth flow, making it an ideal choice for larger surfaces. Urethane 2K clear coat works well with automotive touch-up paint and is highly recommended for its gloss, durability, flexibility, and gasoline resistance.

Note that it is mandatory to wear a respirator mask with this product or any other product that contains isocyanates, as they are toxic to the respiratory system.

To use SprayMax 2K high-gloss finish clear coat spray paint, take the button off of the top of the can, and then push it hard into the bottom. This will puncture the bag containing the isocyanate catalyst, which will then be released into the urethane clear coat. Shake the can for approximately two minutes to ensure that both components mix thoroughly. Professional automotive body shops use the same chemistry for their repairs. After the 2K clear coat spray paint has been activated, it will have a pot life of 24 hours.