2 Part Urethane Clearcoat Kit

2 part Urethane Clearcoat Kit
Price: $51.50


  • Can be applied over Base coats or cured Single-Stage Enamels.
  • FC720 is a high solids, urethane clearcoat designed for overall refinishing.
  • Work well in air dry or force dry environments and provide excellent gloss, DOI, leveling, blending, and buffing characteristics.
  • For use by trained professionals only.
  • Read label, directions, and MSDS before use.
  • Use appropriate Personal Protective Equipment while mixing and spraying.

Product Description

A two-part urethane clearcoat kit for larger painting projects. Urethane clear requires 2 components to be mixed together which cure through a chemical reaction instead of drying by evaporation. Urethane clearcoat is very durable, flexible, extremely high gloss, and chemical resistant. A multi-layer basecoat/clearcoat paint system utilizing a urethane clearcoat is what most if not all modern body shops use for professional repair. We supply both components: the clearcoat and the hardener and also include a free mixing/measuring cup, mixing sticks, and paint strainer funnels to make the job easier. The use of a breathing respirator and excellent ventilation is highly recommended.

For more information, see the datasheet for this 2 Part Urethane Clearcoat