Automotive Touch-up Paint Pens

Using automotive paint pens, sometimes called paint sticks or markers, to fix scratched cars is a relatively simple task and a great way to learn the basics of automotive paint repair. Paint Pens are clean, easy to use, and even easier to order. Enter your vehicle's make, model, year, and color code to buy a scratch pen filled with precision-matched touch-up paint. But don't forget that a car paint pen isn't all you need: A professional touch-up job requires clearcoat and primer, too. At AutomotiveTouchup, we can provide a car paint pen and every other one of the paint repair products you need for jobs large and small, from prep solvent to body filler.

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How Do You Use a Touch-Up Paint Pen for Cars to Fix Scratches and Chips?

The directions for using a paint pen are quite simple, breaking down into a few basic steps:

Step 1: Clean the Area Thoroughly

The first thing you'll want to do when using your car paint marker is to clean the affected area. Washing your car with dish soap can strip off the wax, which is actually a good thing in this case: You need the area to be completely free of dirt, grime, wax, and grease. For the best results, you should also consider using prep solvent to get rid of any leftover residue before you paint.

Step 2: Use an Auto Paint Scratch Pen to Apply Primer

If you see any bare metal, it's essential to apply primer before you use a car paint pen. Cover the scratch or chip with a paint touch-up pen filled with primer, and then wait a few minutes to let the primer dry before proceeding with your auto-paint pen.

Step 3: Add Your Body Color in Thin Layers

Once you've covered the area with primer, you'll next want to use your car scratch paint pen to apply the color-matched base coat. Make sure to shake the car paint stick well before use to ensure the paint is well-mixed. Then, apply one coat of paint with your auto-paint marker. Please wait for it to dry, and then add another coat. Repeat this process until the scratch is completely covered.

Step 4: Use a Clearcoat Car Touch-Up Pen to Protect the Paint

The final step in using an auto-touch-up paint pen to fix a body scratch is to protect your new paint with a layer of clear coat. Be sure to wait an hour for the base coat to dry before adding clear lacquer. Apply clearcoat by gently dabbing it with your car paint touch-up pen, wait for it to dry, and add a second coat. Let your finished paint repair cure overnight.

If you're still hesitant about using car scratch marker kits, just watch our how-to video: You can follow the instructions and see how the paint pen works for yourself.

Automotive Touch-Up Paint Pen FAQs

Do Touch-Up Paint Pens Work?

Yes! When used correctly, car paint touch-up sticks are a great addition to any automotive restoration kit and can help you repair paint scratches and chips like a pro. Just make sure not to rush through the steps for using a paint marker for car scratches. Take your time to follow each step for the best results in using your touch-up paint pen on your automobile.

What Are the Best Paint Pens?

AutomotiveTouchup makes the best car touch-up pen. We fill each of our automotive paint markers with custom-mixed, exact-match auto paint for your vehicle by using its color code, and we also sell markers filled with the industry's best clearcoat. Using our car touch-up paint pen and other automotive touch-up products can help you quickly restore your vehicle's factory finish.