Automotive Clear Coat Spray Paint

12 oz Aerosol High Gloss Clear Coat
Price: $13.95

Product Description

  • Specially formulated to work with AutomotiveTouchup paints
  • Enables the touch-up to match the existing paint exactly
  • Protects the color coat from abrasion, airborne chemicals, and weather
  • Gives the base coat its luster and shine
  • Easy to use

Order Exact-Match Clear Coat Spray Paint for Your Car Today

The true beauty and protection of any paint repair comes from the auto paint clear coat. AutomotiveTouchup clear coat is as important as correctly color-matching the base coat. The best clear coat spray paint for cars is designed to blend the touch-up paint with the surrounding paint so that the repair is seamless and impossible to spot. It also provides the base coat with the deep, lustrous shine your vehicle had from the factory. And high-quality automotive clear coat spray paint further protects the base coat from UV fading and chemical breakdown as well as light scratches and abrasion.

The AutomotiveTouchup base-coat/clear-coat system reproduces the same system originally used by most vehicle manufacturers. And only our spray paint clear coat is specifically formulated to work with our base coat colors, ensuring professional-looking results when used as directed. For the best results, you should always use AutomotiveTouchup clear coat with our auto paint. Order yours today!


Jeremy B. of Aurora, CO.

"The paint was a perfect match! The clear coat made my aftermarket spoiler look better than original. My only problem was not buying enough clear coat. When I ran out, I tried to use another brand of clear coat that I had lying around the house. It didn't even come close to matching the clarity, quality and shine of your clear coat. Now I need to buy more of yours to finish the project. Lesson learned, never use another brand of clear coat and think it won't show next to AutomotiveTouchup clear coat."