Automotive Spray Paint Products

Many people who do vehicle paint repairs like using spray paint cans because they're so easy to use: Just push the button and spray. At AutomotiveTouchup, our 12-ounce aerosol cans of car spray paint are among our most popular products. You can buy any of our custom-mixed automotive spray paint colors in a can as well as the primer and clear coat you'll need for an OEM-quality paint job.

Use High-Quality Automotive Spray Paint Like A Professional

At AutomotiveTouchup, we're focused on quality, and our attention to detail doesn't just cover the exact-match touch-up paint inside every can, bottle, and paint pen. The nozzle of each can of our automotive spray paints has been precision-engineered to deliver a fine, even, fan-shaped spray, mimicking a professional's spray gun. We've gone the extra mile to ensure that you can get the best possible results from each can of spray paint, primer, or clear coat that we sell.

With our high-quality spray paint for cars, you won't need to take your vehicle to a body shop to restore its factory finish. Shop our automotive spray paints, primers, and clear coats today to find the perfect products for your needs, then explore our how-to guides to learn tips and techniques for how to use auto spray paint to fix up your vehicle in your own garage.

12 oz Aerosol Spray Paint
12 oz Aerosol High Gloss Clear Coat
SprayMax 2K Urethane Clearcoat (respirator mask mandatory)
12 oz Aerosol Sandable Acrylic Lacquer Primer

12 oz Aerosol Plastic Parts Adhesion Promoter
Aerosol Spray Can Trigger
Assorted Wet Sandpaper Pack
Sandpaper Pack

2 oz Prep Solvent
3/4" 3m Green Auto Grade Masking Tape
1 1/2" 3m Green Auto Grade Masking Tape
Pre-taped Masking Film with Dispenser 21"x108'
Gold Tack Cloth
Bandit N95 Disposable Dual Cartridge Respirator for use against paint fumes

Organic Vapor Respirator, for use against paint fumes.