Jeep Paint Codes

Paint Codes For Jeep

Jeep Paint Codes can be located in many places. Modern Jeeps will be located in the driver side of the door jamb, while other places to look are on the firewall, in front of the radiator support, or under the driver seat. Most paint codes will be three digits long and start with a "P". Older AMC Jeeps will be two digits long. For a list of touch up paint colors for your Jeep, please use the following link: Jeep Touch Up Paint

Jeep Paint Code Location Diagram


All Models: Driver side door jamb, In front of radiator, or on firewall, under the driver seat
Cherokee: In Front of radiator, on driver side firewall, or in drivers door
Comanche: Radiator Support
Commander: Inside Driver’s Door / jam
Compass: Driver side Door Jamb
Grand Cherokee: In Front of radiator, passenger side of firewall, driver side door jamb
Liberty: Driver side Door Jamb, in Front of radiator
Patriot: Driver side Door Jamb
Wagoneer: Radiator Support
Wrangler: Under the driver seat, drivers door, bottom deck

Jeep paint color code example

This Jeep has a paint code of PXR.

Jeep Paint Code Label
This Jeep has a paint code of PRV.

Jeep Paint Code Sticker
This Jeep has a paint code of PS2.

Jeep Paint Code label
This Jeep has a Paint code of PX8.

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