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Here's what our customers are saying about our Touch Up Paint:

Martin G, owner of a 2004 Chrysler from Bradenton, FL

The paint you supplied was a perfect match and it came out looking like new. I followed your instructions and prepared the surface and then did a series of lite sprays building up the faded area. I ordered only one can of acrylic lacquer and ended up needing 3 cans. My neighbor ( an engineer ) saw the before and after and said "wow" so, thanks for your excellent products and good "how to" instructions...Martin in FL.

Pierre B, owner of a 2004 Chrysler Sebring Convertible from Hampden, MA

Due to the weather here in the Northeast, the touchup that was purchased has not been used as of yet, BUT I have bought several cans and touchup bottles for all of my cars and always have had the best results using everything from the primer to the clearcoat! This paint was purchased for my daughter's "New" car that was painted in a somewhat rare color for this vehicle, 1st place I thought of was here for the touchup that will be applied in the Spring and I am very sure it will look as good as all my other purchases in the past!

Homer F, owner of a 2004 Chrysler Town & Country from Portage, IN

I have used the spray cans of paint to take care of rust on 2 of our vehicles. When I used the primer and paint mixed for our 2004 van with clear coat. You could not tell where the old paint and new part I fixed started. I think I spent close to $50 for everything. We traded the 2004 for a 2012 van. But I fixed the rust and made it look like new so we got more for our trade in. A lot cheaper than $1200 to fix at a body shop. Buying just the paint at an auto store was $500. The one can of paint to fix the rusted fender was $20 and matched the color perfect. The paint I just ordered for my 2003 Dodge matched perfect also. Could not tell it was not done at a body shop also. I feathered the paint and clear coat and there was no sanding done at all.

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