Surface Preparation

Thoroughly clean area to be repaired with dish soap (Joy, Dawn etc.) and water. Then dry completely. The use of prep solvent and a clean lint free towel assures the best clean surface free of wax, grease, and other oil based surface contaminates. For better results do not apply in direct sunlight.

If sanding is needed: Use 180 grit sandpaper to remove rust or bad surface damage. Then use 320 to remove 180 grit scratches.


Primer will fill in 180-320 grit sand scratches. Apply touch up primer over bare metal or plastic 2-3 coats 5-10 minutes in between each coat. Primer can be sanded with 600 wet sandpaper in as little as 30 minutes.

If you want to blend: after sanding the area with 600, sand the outer edge with 1500 wet sandpaper. Clean the sanding dust with plain water and dry well. Touch up paint basecoat color will cover over 600 grit scratches, clearcoat will cover up 1500 grit scratches.

Paint Touch Up Application

Thoroughly shake the touch up paint basecoat color before applying. Apply as many coats necessary to cover the area leaving 5-10 minutes minimum between light coats. Do not wet sand or use prep solvent in between coats of touch up paint or clearcoat.

Tri-coat instructions

If you ordered one color but received two bottles labeled "groundcoat" and "midcoat". This happens in some infrequent scenarios where your color can't be replicated with a single color. So just use the groundcoat first, then use the midcoat on top of that afterward! For both the groundcoat and midcoat, apply one coat at a time until you achieve the pearl effect of the factory color.

Clearcoat instructions

Please allow 30 minutes after the last layer of base coat color application to apply touch up clearcoat. Apply 2-3 coats of clearcoat using a light dabbing motion waiting 10-20 minutes in between each coat. Be gentle with the brush because you do not want to disturb the undercoats.

Clearcoat should be dry to the touch in 1-2 hours, but will completely dry overnight. Use Rubbing Compound once fully dry to bring out and optimum level of gloss. Do not wax the fresh paint for one month.