Mercedes-Benz Paint Codes

Paint Codes For Mercedes Benz

A typical Mercedes-Benz paint color code is 3 digits long and contains numbers only. Older codes may have a prefix of DB followed by a three-digit number such as DB-723. Check the #1 driver side door jamb, #2 the radiator crossover or support bar, and also in the #3 engine compartment adhered to the underside of the hood. For a list of touch up paint colors for your Mercedes-Benz go here: Mercedes-Benz Touch Up Paint.

Mercedes-Benz Paint Color Code Location Diagram

mercedes paint code
The paint code for this Mercedes-Benz ML350 is 040.

Mercedes Benz Paint Code Sticker
The paint color code of this Mercedes-Benz is 197.

Mercedes Benz Paint Code Label
This Mercedes-Benz has a paint color code of 723.

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