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Here's what our customers are saying about our Touch Up Paint:

RichMac, owner of a 1982 Mercedes-Benz from chicago, il

I am restoring a 1982 Mercedes 300D. The paint work had many chips and sections that had weathered poorly. I was able to buy a small bottle of touch up paint that hid many of the small chips. I also bought a can of spray paint. I was really surprised at how well this paint blends in with my original paint color. I am thinking of respraying the entire car myself!! With a little polish, the car looks great. Thank you very much. rm

Rich Mac, owner of a 1982 Mercedes-Benz from Truro, MA

19828 mercedes 300D Turbo - lots of little chips and paint somewhat oxidized. I never thought I could clean up these chips with a paint that matched. It is as close to a perfect match as the oxidation will allow. When I do a more formal buffing and polishing, I think they will blend right in. Hard to believe that 40 year old paint can be matched and the chips fixed.

Ed Smith, owner of a 1982 Mercedes-Benz SL Class from Mansfield, Ohio

When the touch up paint arrived for my '82 380SL I was afraid it was not a perfect match. It looked lighter and the car being so old I was afraid I ordered the wrong color but the numbers checked so I proceeded. The result; an absolutely perfect match. Ed Smith Mansfield, Ohio

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