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Here's what our customers are saying about our Touch Up Paint:

Paul L, owner of a 2013 Jaguar XF from Bellingham, WA

The transaction itself went. smoothly and quickly. I haven't finished the job, and my only comment is that a brush does not work well on scratches. I've heard that a match from a paper matchbook is better, but I couldn't find one, so I made a mess of it. Never again.

Craig D, owner of a 2013 Jaguar XF from Macon, GA

Great product. How ironic, just yesterday I closed garage door and it reopened but scratched wife's new Jaguar bumper. I buffed all but two scratches out which were down to the base. I gently applied the touch up paint (metallic burgundy) and wife was satisfied) and no one else would notice.

Class Pays - 2ND To N, owner of a 2013 Jaguar XJ from Prescott, AR

Had some curb scratches under the front of my Jag from high curbs in a parking lot once and the color match was perfect. With very little effort I was able to blend and cover the scratches and now it's like they never existed. I am well pleased. Thanks a million. Bill

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