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Here's what our customers are saying about our Touch Up Paint:

Wilfred P, owner of a 1983 Buick from Smyrna, GA

The personal customer service went above and beyond what I've become accustomed to. I would rate the sales rep that assisted me with my purchase A+++. And the product was perfect. I'm thankful there's still companies like yours around.

Ron Stockall, owner of a 1983 Buick from Coarsegold, CA

I used the pen on rock chips on the 86 Jag and also on my 83 Riviera. Did a great job on matching. So easy to use and now have leftover paint for future chips. The paint pen sure made a difference.

Brian Z, owner of a 1984 Buick from Spokane, WA

Very happy with the product quality and OEM-match of these paints. I ordered only Aerosol cans to perform full paint on new, replacement front bumper fillers for my 1984 Buick Regal (modified with a Buick 455). Aside from the performance upgrades, my Regal is all-original on body/paint and interior. I have the Light Briar-Brown body color from GM in 1984 on the Dark Brown fabric interior. I ordered this site's match for my vehicle's Light Briar Brown GM color, ensure a match on the paint code. Products were excellent! These bumper fillers are an advanced polymer plastic, so I ordered and used the Plastic Parts Adhesion promoter as my primer. It went on fairly thick and evenly and created an excellent base surface on my polymer bumper fillers. The paint-code matched Aerosol sprays (Light Briar Brown) were applied next - several gentle light coats over the course of 24 hours. Lastly, after plenty of drying time, I applied the Aerosol Clear Coating. I'm very impressed at the quality and even color from these products on such a large area. After drying, the newly painted fillers were installed and look brand new! Paint is near-factory perfect with an excellent deep hue and gloss - I know from memory that this is a match for how the paint looked on this car back in 1984. I plan to have a re-paint of the original body color done next year (professionally) and I don't feel that the bumper fillers will need to be redone - they can stay as is! As long as you take your time and paint your parts properly, allowing for sufficient drying, you can match factory quality. Highly recommend this site and highly recommend the Plastic Adhesion promoter for any ABS, polymer, vinyl, or plastic exterior parts!

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