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Here's what our customers are saying about our Touch Up Paint:

Dana J P, owner of a 1984 BMW 6-Series from Arlington, WA

BMW Burgunrot Metallic #199 1) The grey primer is relatively thin and requires many coats to achieve any build thickness. I applied two coats before wet sanding and another two coats with additional wet sanding to get a good surface. 2) The color base coat covered fairly well but to get best application required short sweeping strokes. Attempts to apply long sweeping strokes resulted in surging from the can and inconsistent layering of paint material. 3) Consistent coverage was achieved with short strokes and alternate cross-hatch pattern. Final result looks good.

Nicolas G, owner of a 1984 BMW 3-Series from Leesville, LA

Great products, very easy to use for the beginner. The acrylic paint and clear coat were ready to spray as advertised. I’ll continue to use these products.

Gregory P, owner of a 1984 BMW from Germantown, MD

This is my third order from your company. You have a great product!

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