Preval Spray Gun

Preval Spray Gun
Price: $4.58


  • Use it to spray paints without using a spray gun and air compressor.
  • Mix 2 component items such as urethane clearcoat to be sprayed together that would otherwise be difficult to spray from an aerosol.
  • Convenient and reusable.
  • Each power unit sprays up to 16 oz of product.

Product Description

Pour paint into the bottle and attach it to the power unit. You can spray difficult urethane 2 part products that are cost prohibitive to insert into an aerosol spray can. It is easy to clean, and inexpensive for a hobbyist to use. The package includes a power unit can with a dip tube that sprays up to 16 oz of liquid product, a connecting glass jar which holds approximately 5 oz of liquid paint with a separate cap, a spray tip and cap. Made in the USA.