How much touch up paint do I need?

How much touch up paint do I need?

Find out how much paint to order using the chart below, or click the chart to download the PDF. Also, make sure to scroll down under the chart to see more considerations which may affect your paint quantity.

how much touch up paint do I need?

This is a guideline for a small to medium-sized cars - we designed it to be the most accurate as possible. We will not be responsible if you order too much, or not enough. Here are some things that affect usage:


How close are you to the car? Too close, and it won’t be even, you’ll need more to cover the thin areas. Too far away and you’ll get some overspray and some of your paint will go downwind.

Panel Size:

Some bumpers are huge, some are small. Cars aren’t perfectly proportional. One car may have a huge bumper in the front, and a small one in the back. Some cars have a huge hood and a smaller bumper.

Paint color:

Some colors cover better than others. Today’s lead free red, yellow, and orange don’t cover as well as paints from the olden days. Light silver doesn't cover as well as grey, black, or white. Our colors have some of the best coverage on the market, but each color may have different hiding properties.

Spray Guns:

Some spray guns are better than others. Our entry level spray gun isn’t going to be as perfectly efficient as a $500 professional spray gun used in a body shop.


Urethane clear goes further than lacquer. If using lacquer clearcoat please order 50-100% more product. This chart will soon be updated to reflect a better number.

Ready To Spray Paint Coverage:

Front Bumper Cover – Base:14 oz, Clear:16 oz
Hood – Base:16 oz, Clear:16 oz
Fender – Base: 10oz, Clear:12 oz
Mirror – Base:6 oz, Clear:8 oz
Front Door – Base:10oz, Clear:12oz
Rear Side Door – Base:8oz, Clear:10oz
Quarter Panel – Base:8oz, Clear:10oz
Sail Panel - Base:6oz, Clear:8oz
Rear Hatch/SUV Trunk – Base:14oz, Clear:14oz
Rear Bumper Cover - Base:16oz, Clear:16oz
Trunk – Base:12oz, Clear:14oz
Roof – Base:14oz, Clear:16oz
Rocker – Base:6oz, Clear:8oz

Aerosol Spray Paint Coverage

Front Bumper Cover –base: 3 cans, clear:4 can
Hood – Base: 3 cans, Clear: 4 cans
Fender – Base: 2 cans, Clear:3 cans
Mirror – Base: 1 can, Clear: 1 can
Front Door – Base: 2 cans , Clear: 2 cans
Rear Side Door – Base: 2 cans, Clear: 2 cans
Quarter Panel – Base: 2 cans, Clear: 2 cans
Sail Panel - Base: 1 cans, Clear: 1 cans
Rear Hatch/SUV Trunk – Base: 3 cans, Clear: 4 cans
Rear Bumper Cover - Base: 3 cans, Clear: 4 cans
Trunk – Base: 3 cans, Clear: 3 cans
Roof – Base: 3 cans , Clear: 4 cans
Rocker – Base: 1 cans , Clear: 1 cans