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Here's what our customers are saying about our Touch Up Paint:

Donald E, owner of a 2018 Toyota from Ocala, FL

I received my order quickly and I used the color matches very well. I am not an automotive tech but was able to repair my problem quite well. Good product and easy to use.

Jeff A Corneau, owner of a 2018 Toyota Tacoma from Moorpark

I am 100% satisfied with the paint products from Automotive Touch Up!! Having a less common color on my 2018 Toyota Tacoma (Inferno) I was skeptical the color would be a perfect match. Lo and behold it IS perfect. I love the coverage from the aerosol cans, the touch-up pen and the clear coat make for excellent repair, new paint jobs and other little matching projects I like to do on/for my truck. Thanks ATU! Excellent quality.

Carol R, owner of a 2018 Toyota Highlander from Chesterfield, VA

Paint was great however there were no instructions and we put the white on first and thought they had sent the wrong color-silly us, they sent the pearl and it was a two step process but matched perfectly!

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