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Here's what our customers are saying about our Touch Up Paint:

Sasha A, owner of a 2017 Toyota 86

I ordered Toyota/Subaru M7Y for my 2017 Toyota 86 in an aerosol spray bottle. After 2-3 base-coats and then 4-5 clear coats the color was a dead on 1:1 match. I was initially worried since the 2017 Toyota 86 actually uses a slightly lighter shade of the red than the usual M7Y used by Subaru and Toyota but I couldn't be happier with the results. This was an outstanding match and the finish looks factory if you do it right. Make sure you properly wetsand and buff your clearcoat afterwards as normal.

JB, owner of a 2017 Toyota 4Runner from Anthem, AZ

I have been in the automotive industry for 20+ years and I am so impressed with these products. I just repaired a deep scratch on my 2017 Toyota 4Runner Limited with the white Pearl paint, so I was not 100% sure it would look the same or match exactly once I fixed the small area. I would not consider myself a body and paint guy by any means but I have to say for minimal cost you would never know I did the fix myself compared to an expensive body shop. High quality and well thought out in a can. 👍

Andre Walker, owner of a 2017 Toyota Corolla from Brooklyn, NY

Good product. The paint in brush bottle only does a so so job. The spray is by far a superior product.

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