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Here's what our customers are saying about our Touch Up Paint:

Steve O, owner of a 2013 Toyota from Jacksonville, FL

Touch up paint matched very well.

Austin K, owner of a 2013 Toyota Corolla from Provo, UT

The color is much too dark for the car. It kind of makes it more noticeable than the scratches. Maybe because my paint is faded, the car is 5 years old. But the paint is more a black color, where my car is a metallic gray. I don't recommend brush for larger scratches or scattered scratches. It works nicely for small scratches, but when it's big you see the brush strokes and it looks bad. Probably the spray version would have been a better choice.

Perry K, owner of a 2013 Toyota Corolla from Land O Lakes, FL

The base coat paint adheres very nicely. Unfortunately, the color did not match well. It was about 2 shades too light. I've bought paint from Automotive Touchup before and have been very pleased. This was the only time it was less than stellar. Still recommend to my friends.

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