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Here's what our customers are saying about our Touch Up Paint:

Roger M, owner of a 1997 Saab from Mills River, NC

Service good on delivery time; looks great on car, excellent match with color.

Scott G, owner of a 1997 Saab from Federal Way, WA

I had just acquired my '97 Saab 900 SE Talladega, and wanted to touch up some of the "road rash" on the hood, and other places around the car, before putting on my signature wax job. The car is Cayenne Red, and red is always tough to get right, especially in the metallics. The paint from Automotive Touchup was a nearly perfect match, and if I was spraying it, I think it would be perfect. I'm using it with a brush for these small chips, so the paint has to be shaken very frequently to keep the metallic particles in suspension, but when used in this manner, the results are excellent.

Jan M, owner of a 1998 Saab from Wolcott, VT

So far your products are very easy to use and I appreciated the 'how to use' video on your site. My touch up is still in progress but so far I am pleased - next step is the rubbing compound - have never used it before. Jan Miller, Elmore, VT

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