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Here's what our customers are saying about our Touch Up Paint:

Lee T, owner of a 1988 Mitsubishi from Alexandria, MN

The color match was perfect! The primer, base coat, and clear were all very easy to apply and good quality. Thanks!!

John S, owner of a 1986 Mitsubishi from Howard Beach, NY

Hard to find color. I bought this for a model repaint of my childhood car. Color looks great & is accurate. Spayed nicely thru a Grex airbrush gun. Clean up was easy enough, I use standard lacquer thinner from the hardware store.

Mohammad A, owner of a 2006 Mitsubishi Endeavor from Shreveport, LA

1. Thank you for your prompt action and excellent products. 2. The paint I purchased is the same color as my car exactly, but it is not shining, therefore I used a polishing cream two times but it is still not shining like the other parts of my car. I think the paint should be syntactic (self polishing) What do you advise me to do in dealing with this issue. [ATU Note: Use clearcoat over the color. It's the only thing that will make it glossy.]

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